EnhanceMyApp Podcast 06: Kickstarting Your Game

Funding the development of a game is one the biggest challenges facing large and small game studios alike. A popular solution that many developers have successfully utilized to fast-track their funding efforts is Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for creative projects. While the potential to raise money on their platform is seemingly limitless, it’s very important … Continue reading EnhanceMyApp Podcast 06: Kickstarting Your Game

EnhanceMyApp Podcast 05: Mobile eSports

In this episode, we’re joined by Devin Becker, eSports commentator and indie game designer to chat about the emerging mobile eSports market. He shares insider knowledge about a variety of topics surrounding the world of competitive gaming, and offers tips for mobile developers who are interested in breaking into the eSports development arena. Our conversation … Continue reading EnhanceMyApp Podcast 05: Mobile eSports

EnhanceMyApp Podcast 03: Monetization Strategies

In this week's podcast, we discuss mobile app monetization with Trevor Williams, Senior Director of Monetization at Hi-Rez Studios. Even though Hi-Rez mostly focuses on in-app purchases for their free-to-play games, the principles discussed in this episode should prove incredibly valuable for your overall mobile monetization strategy. We start by chatting about the first steps … Continue reading EnhanceMyApp Podcast 03: Monetization Strategies

Partner Spotlight – KIDOZ

  The Enhance Partner Spotlight returns this week to highlight KIDOZ, a leading ad network for kid-focused apps. KIDOZ helps app developers and device makers generate revenue from their work in a COPPA and GDPR-compliant way that respects their values, by using sponsored content recommendations.  KIDOZ is now the world’s fastest-growing content discovery and recommendation … Continue reading Partner Spotlight – KIDOZ

Integrating interstitial ads into your MIT App Inventor project with Enhance

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Wj2RQZccwQ&t=318s App Inventor is a visual app-building tool, allowing you to simply drag and drop function and logic blocks to create a mobile app. In this tutorial, we show how you can use Enhance to integrate interstitial ads into your App Inventor project. Spoiler alert: it's really easy! The following tutorial is also compatible with … Continue reading Integrating interstitial ads into your MIT App Inventor project with Enhance