June Enhance Updates

We are pleased to announce that Enhance has been updated to support the following SDKs:

MoPub – MoPub powers the leading monetization platform for mobile apps & provides access to high quality mobile audiences at maximum scale for DSPs


MoPub is now available for Enhance users on Android

Pokkt – POKKT is a mobile advertising & monetization platform offering key revenue insights and high fill rates

pokktImplementing the Pokkt SDK has never been easier, now via Enhance on Android

TheoremReach – Engage your users in ways you never thought possible with TheoremReach and the power of serving on-demand surveys to your audience


TheoremReach is available to iOS and Android users with Enhance

Additional Enhance support has also been added for the following SDKs:

  • Tapdaq SDK updated to v5.2.1 for Android users
  • Heyzap SDK updated to v9.11.3
  • Mixpanel SDK updated to v3.1.6 on iOS
  • Flurry SDK updated to v8.1.0
  • AppsFlyer SDK updated to v4.7.11 for iOS users
  • InMobi SDK on Android updated to v6.2.2
  • InLocoMedia SDK updated to v3.0.5
  • AdscendMedia SDK updated to v2.2.2 on iOS
  • Aerserv SDK updated to v2.39.5
  • Vungle SDK for Android updated v4.1.0
  • TapResearch SDK updated to v1.3.2
  • Facebook SDK, AudienceNetwork SDK updated to v4.23.0 (Android and iOS)
  • AppNext SDK updated to v2.0.2.459
  • AppLovin SDK updated to v7.2.0
  • MixPanel SDK updated to v5.1.1 on Android
  • OfferToro SDK updated to v3.0.9
  • StartApp SDK updated to v3.6.2
  • TapJoy SDK updated to v11.102
  • Yandex analytics SDK updated to v2.8.0
  • GameAnalytics SDK for Android updated to v3.5.0
  • IronSource SDK updated to v6.6.1
  • Vidcoin SDK updated to v1.3.3
  • OpenBack SDK updated to v2.0.7

Try out these SDKs and more for free with little-to-no coding required at enhance.fgl.com

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