How to Monetize your Mobile App with AdMob

admob SDK

Monetizing your mobile app means getting paid for creating something you love. Developers have the option to earn money as relevant ads display on their apps from millions of advertisers. The question is, how do you get timely app ads that are both relevant and convert well?

AdMob™ is a monetization platform that allows you to maximize profits from ads and in-app purchases. In fact, millions of apps are already using AdMob™, with over $1 billion paid.

What are the Benefits of AdMob™?

Since AdMob™ is powered by Google, it has the luxury of support from one of the world’s largest companies. Google keeps the app updated and is constantly updating the technology to stay on the cutting edge of mobile advertising.

The benefits of AdMob™ include:

  • Cross-platform compatibility. AdMob™ is compatible with Android and iOS, as well as gaming app engines like Unity.
  • Large mediation network. There are more than 40 ad networks you can use for better fill rates and boosting profits. You can also utilize optimization to gain the best CPM in real time.
  • Run your own ads. If you have a few deals in the works with advertisers, you can implement them into your AdMob™ campaign.
  • Powerful analytics. By syncing your AdMob™ app to Firebase™, you can harness the power of unlimited analytics, allowing you to see which ads are your best performers to maximize revenue.
    admob SDK

How Do You Monetize Using AdMob™?

There are a few different ways to monetize using AdMob™. The platform serves up a variety of options for the best end-user experience, which in turn converts those ads to robust revenue.

Three of the most popular ad types you can integrate into your app include:

  • Interstitials. These types of ads are full screen, appearing in a seamless way during natural transition points in your app user experience. For instance, after a user finishes a level in a game. Interstitials keep the user experience engaging with a direct call to action.
  • Banners. Banner app ads will appear at the top or bottom of the screen and can drive users to install an app, see products or services, or visit a website. Banners are also smart. They resize and rotate depending on screen size and device orientation.
  • Video ads. Video ads represent powerful monetization potential. A video appears at a natural transition point and plays until it’s finished, or until a user decides to skip it after a predetermined amount of time.  There are 2 main ways of using video; rewarded and non-rewarded, and each is implemented differently.
    admob SDK

How Do You Install AdMob™ on Your App?

With the fastest implementation of mobile SDKs in the industry, with Enhance™ you can have AdMob™ up and running on your app in minutes.

Simply choose the third party services you’d like integrated into your app, upload your compiled file, and sit back while Enhance analyzes your app binary to patch in the code. It’s simple, fast, and hassle free.

In fact, you can download and publish your Enhanced app in less than two minutes. If you want, Enhance can also pair AdMob™ with Firebase™ to get the most powerful analytics available. And beyond just AdMob™, Enhance™ works with a variety of other third party services, such as  analytics, attribution, push notifications, and even app sound quality services.

If you’re looking for the best way to start using AdMob™ to monetize your app, or another other third-party service, Enhance™ is what you’ve been looking for.   With zero cost to developers, it’s easy to try out all kinds of services, all through the Enhance™ platform.

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