The Top Analytics Programs for Your Mobile Application

analytics programs

Understanding and measuring app analytics is vital to success. You can gain key insights into installs, how your users interact with your app, and what changes are needed to offer the perfect user experience.

App analytics programs ultimately improve your customer life cycle. In fact, 80 percent of your future consumers are derived from 20 percent of your existing customers.

But before diving into the top app analytics programs, it’s important to understand what types of analytics you should measure.

App Marketing Analytics

App marketing analytics can give you insight into how users discover your app. This could include one of the top app stores, websites, or your influencer campaigns. You can also learn how your installs measure up, and the performance of your in-app purchases. You can then tweak your monetization and marketing strategy while also boosting your ROI.

Marketing analytics to measure include . . .

  • Installs
  • Purchases
  • Shares
  • Registrations
  • Invites
  • Views

In-App Analytics

Studying your in-app analytics reveals how users interact with your app. You can learn about your top pages and also see where your users tend to lose interest. For instance, a gaming app with users dropping off at a certain level could indicate the level is poorly designed.

In-app analytics to measure include . . .

  • Time of Use
  • Type of Mobile Device
  • User Demographics (age, location, language)
  • Number of Clicks
  • Purchases
  • Operating System (iOS or Android)
  • New vs. Returning User

App Performance Analytics

To provide the best user experience possible you need an app that performs exceptionally and without fail. There are over 6.5 billion apps available in the top app stores, and competing with apps in your industry and niche means identifying bugs, crashes, and fixing them quickly. App performance analytics facilitate just that.

App performance analytics to measure include . . .

  • Errors
  • Uptime
  • Crashes
  • API Latency
  • Carrier Latency
  • Data Transactions

Now that you know the KPIs you will need to measure, let’s look at the top analytics programs for your app’s growth and success.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps companies learn exactly what metrics Google values for search ranking. It offers a number of key insights for app publishers and developers, including acquisition funnel tracking and in-app purchase insights.

Acquisition Funnel Tracking

With Google Play Referral Flow, you can monitor how your users move down your app install funnel. This helps you adjust your app store strategy to increase installs.

analytics programs

Google Play funnel tracking features include . . .

  • Traffic Sources
  • Views
  • Install Analytics
  • New Users

Access Google Play Referral Flow via the Developer Console, available for iOS, Android, and other mobile operating systems.


Firebase is a service developed on the Google infrastructure that serves up analytics, crash reporting, messaging, performance monitoring, and in-app purchasing insights.

analytics programs

The service provides valuable metrics on how your users interact with your app while also monitoring their in-app purchases. Firebase paired with Google Analytics makes a powerful way to measure KPIs.

analytics programs


Flurry, Yahoo’s version of app analytics, provides app publishers and developers with optimal user insights. From managing multiple apps to leveraging analytics on user segments, Flurry does it all.

analytics programs

A few of Flurry’s features include . . .

  • Funnel Tracking: See how users interact with your app and identify areas or levels where users tend to lose interest. This allows you to develop a better plan to increase app engagement.
  • Leveraging Segments: With Flurry, you can develop user segments like usage, funnels, retention, and acquisition. This allows you to identify your most valuable users.
  • User Demographics: Tracking user demographics is important to your monetization strategy. Flurry’s machine learning tells you more about your users’ interests, age, gender, and more.


AppsFlyer provides insight on mobile attribution, as well as allowing app publishers and developers to connect to a mobile ecosystem of over 2,500 partners.

analytics programs

AppsFlyer’s mobile data and reporting services include . . .

  • ROI Reports: Using campaign reports by media sources you receive an analytics report on your cost per install (CPI). App publishers and developers can get an accurate picture of their ROI, and make real time decisions on monetization and optimization.
  • Impressions and Spend: Receive your app’s impressions, cost, clicks, and other data on your AppsFlyer dashboard. The data is derived from integrations with thousands of mobile networks and platforms.
  • Ad Revenue: Knowing how well your in-app ads are performing is vital to increasing your app revenue. AppsFlyer compares metrics of in-app ad revenue to segmented marketing campaigns and channels.

Free App Analytics

Free App Analytics by Kochava lets app publishers and developers easily sort each unique data point and export analytics in a wide range of formats. You can track user lifetime value and gain a clearer picture of your ROI.

analytics programs

The key insight this analytics program offers includes . . .

  • Analytics Funnel: Develop user flows to examine conversions across various campaign demographics.
  • Daily Users: Knowing how many daily users are interacting with your app is vital to ensuring your monetization and in-app performance strategies are working. Free App Analytics tracks your number of daily users with insights on ROI.
  • Retention: This analytics program also gives a detailed look into your retention rates. The metrics for retention include day, number of users, revenue per user, and total revenue, and other key metrics.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to analytics programs. App publishers and developers should test different services with their app to ensure they’re getting the metrics they need.

With Enhance’s mobile SDK implementation and update service you can easily test multiple third-party services. The tool’s drag and drop nature allows you to install third-party app services in minutes. What’s more, services installed with Enhance generate auto-update alerts to ensure you’re always running the latest software.

Don’t limit yourself to just one analytics program. Test and choose the program that delivers the best data and metrics to help increase revenue and provide the best user experience possible.

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