One SDK Management System to Rule Them All

App publishers and developers have hundreds of third-party services at their fingertips. However, the process behind implementing those services can be tedious and lengthy. Partnering with Enhance, a mobile SDK management system, is one way to simplify the process.

From improving your app monetization efforts to testing new third-party app services to find the right fit for your app, Enhance is the ultimate solution.

Importance of Partnering with an Industry Leading Mobile SDK Service

You put a lot of effort into developing the perfect app for your target market. You certainly want to ensure you maximize installs, revenue, and track the most essential KPIs with top-notch advertising and analytics programs.

This makes partnering with an industry leading mobile SDK service vital. You want to have the right services implemented into your app to facilitate growth and success of your latest innovation. That’s exactly why you need Enhance.

“Enhance works by analyzing app binary to determine where code can be patched and injected in order to add third-party services,” Pavel Golubev, CEO

of Appodeal, told App Developer Magazine.

Let’s say you want to implement Appodeal, one of the leading app monetization services, along with Google Analytics and Firebase services to measure ad success. Oh, and don’t forget FGL Crash Reporting to ensure your app is delivering the best user experience possible.

Where will you find the time to sort through code and inject it into your app for each third-party service your app absolutely needs? With Enhance can do all that and more, in mere minutes.

“Any required SDKs and libraries can be injected automatically, in less than two minutes,” Golubev explained after partnering with Enhance. “There’s no extra development effort to try out new services or to upgrade to new SDK versions.”

sdk management system

Now App Publishers and Developers can Test More App Services than Ever Before

Before app publishers and developers had access to a mobile SDK Platform like Enhance, they were often limited to a few third-party services. This had much to do with the time and development effort involved in implementing those services.

However, with the ability to implement more services, you can now test out a wide range of analytics programs, and monetization ad platforms, among other services.

In fact, “App publishers and developers whose apps are Enhance compatible are likely to test more than twice as many services”, according to Jared Gaeta, company spokesperson.

Implement App Services in Minutes

Testing out a variety of third-party app services is important, and implementing those services in minutes is unprecedented. With Enhance, you can implement one or 20 services in the same amount of time.

Compiling all the SDK code for each service, our revolutionary platform auto-injects the code into the required directories. Even if the directories do not exist in your app, we create them.

Here’s how our mobile SDK service works . . .

  • ZeroCode Implementation: As the name entails, this mobile SDK service option requires no code written on your end. Simply choose the services you want, drag and drop them to install, and in less than five minutes you have a new app service to explore.
  • Custom Placements Implementation: Still using our drag and drop tool, you choose the services you want to install. However, app publishers and developers get to customize their services by implementing one custom code. For instance, you can add code to target demographics for an ad monetization service.

If you test out a service for your app and didn’t find what you were looking for, you can uninstall the service as fast and as easy as implementing it. For instance, in a few clicks, you can uninstall one analytics program and install another to test in minutes.

sdk management system

Make Third Party App Service Updates Manageable and Easy

One of the biggest pitfalls app publishers and developers come across when it comes to third party services are all the pending updates. When an update for a service is issued, developers need to redo the mobile SDK process over again.

In fact, only 30 percent of developers update their third party app services after implementing them.

When your app is compatible with Enhance mobile SDK services, you receive timely alerts when one of your services has a pending update available. However, instead of spending countless hours doing the update yourself, you simply click and the update is finished in minutes.

This ensures your app performance is optimal, and your monetization and analytics never misses a beat.

If you want to improve app performance, usability, monetization efforts, and get key analytics to assist in providing the best user experience, partner with Enhance. Our mobile SDK Platform supports Google Analytics, StartApp, Appodeal, Flurry, FGL Crash Reporting, AdMob, and many many more. Are you ready to Enhance?

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