How StartApp Brings Your Mobile App to the Next Level

StartApp SDK

There are countless services app publishers and developers can implement to gather key user analytics and provide seamless monetization. Among them, StartApp stands out by offering next level user experiences.

StartApp revolves around data insights, delivering user base demographics, banner ads, interstitials, essential installation, fill rate, and eCPM benefits.

StartApp SDK

The mobile app service has more than 50,000 partners with a monthly active user base of over one billion. In fact, StartApp boasts a number of well-known partners, such as Uber, Yahoo, Baidu, and iconic toy brand Mattel.

To help bring your business to the next level using StartApp solutions, we’re breaking down how your brand can benefit from understanding who your users are, how they interact with your app, and how to maximize app monetization efforts.

Mobile Monetization with StartApp Ads

StartApp uses unique ads to monetize your app with your targeted audience at the forefront. Their monetization solutions are also wide ranging, from Virtual Reality (VR) ads to classic interstitials.


These full-screen ads are among the top performers for monetization with an eCPM of $1.86, according to Myk Pono, VP of Growth at Appodeal. They range from branded messages to interactive animation.

StartApp SDK

VR Ads

Perfect for VR gaming apps, StartApp designs and develops virtual reality ads in-house. They provide a unique and rapidly advancing way to monetize.

StartApp SDK

360 Ads

Using a smartphone’s gyroscope these types of ads provide a full 360-degree view of ad content. They’re great for monetizing 3D gaming apps.

StartApp SDK

Native Ads

Native ads serve up an amazing user experience, adapting to your users’ interface. This seamless experience converts due to the mobile responsiveness that blends effortlessly into your interface.

StartApp SDK

Video Ads

StartApp offers standard and rewarded video ads to maximize monetization for app publishers and developers.

StartApp SDK

Further, tracking ad performance is easy with StartApp. Their monetization analytics delivers information that helps show only the ads and ad types that your specific user base clicks on.

According to StartApp, “Our publisher dashboard is your StartApp home. The analytics dashboard gives you in-depth insights into your overall performance – break down your revenue by eCPM, by app, by country, and more. Export daily, weekly, or monthly reports to track your performance over time.”

Social Data Platform (SODA) for Key User Insights

One of StartApp’s main draws for app publishers and developers is its ability to show what works, what needs tweaking, and what helps stay one step ahead of users.

It works like an information sharing system among developers. SODA borrows and distributes information about your users, and in return, you receive info on a larger set of users.

StartApp SDK

The social data platform is exclusive to StartApp partners. Using over 320 social data insights, SODA paints a complete picture of your users’ basic information, demographics, interests, intent, and favorite brands.

StartApp SDK

SODA is perfect for publishers and developers of messaging, social, and dating apps because it…

  • Boosts user activity and engagement for messaging apps while targeting tailored-made promotions.
  • Segments social app users to deliver more targeted content, thus improving the user experience.
  • Simplifies dating app onboarding by quickly importing user interests and preferences while decreasing the amount of spam profiles.

Next Level Digital Content

It’s challenging to deliver the right content to users. StartApp serves up digital content to help app publishers and developers connect with their current and future users in a meaningful way.

Using highly defined mobile content marketing strategies, the service focuses on engagement and brand awareness. It puts the right content in front of the right users, every time.


Using powerful insights via analytics and SODA, StartApp helps you stay ahead of your competitors. Utilizing innovative tech like AI chatbots, emojis, games, stickers, and more, the service increases engagement and positive user reactions within your app.

StartApp SDK

Implement StartApp into Your App in Minutes

StartApp can bring your app to the next level, all without a complicated implementation process. Through compatibility with Enhance, you can implement and update any number of third-party app services.

StartApp SDK

Enhance offers two innovative service implementation options called ZeroCode and Custom Placements…

  • ZeroCode: ZeroCode is a seamless way for app publishers and developers to implement services like StartApp. Using our easy drag and drop method, you choose the service to implement, and it’s installed in five minutes or less.
  • Custom Placements: Our Custom Placements option also offers the simplicity of drag and drop. However, developers can add one custom line of code to their chosen services.
  • Mobile Updates: Updating third party services is a major time challenge for developers, but Enhance changes all that. You’ll receive alerts when a service has updates available, and updating only takes one click.

Making StartApp part of your mobile app strategy can yield a number of benefits. From targeted monetization using innovative ads, to examining key analytical reports to better understand your user base, this service has you covered. Are you ready to take your app to the next level?

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