Increase Mobile Ad Revenue with the Best Banner Ad Services

banner ad services

If you want to increase your mobile ad revenue, it is time to make in-app banner ads a serious priority. There are hundreds of in-app advertising services you can implement, but having the best banner ads will provide a great user experience while boosting profit.

In fact, there is a lot of profit to net when it comes to in-app advertising. According to research by Statista, “In 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising.”

Why is in-app advertising bringing in such unprecedented revenue for app publishers and developers? The answer is in the unexpected way users are interacting with their smartphones.

In fact, 90 percent of time people spend on their smartphones is on apps, according to data by Flurry Analytics.

banner ad services

There are a variety of mobile in-app ads, including interstitials, videos, native ads, and banner ads. Banner ads are often less intrusive than full screen interstitials. Banner ads also perform quite well with a global CPM of $1 on average, according to data compiled by mobyaffilaites.

banner ad services

Maximize your app monetization and increase revenue with these best banner ad services.


AdMob is certainly one of the top mobile monetization services available to app publishers and developers. It was acquired by Google in 2009 and has an impressive portfolio of success stories.

banner ad services

For instance, Brighthouse, a mobile game developer saw a 20 percent increase in traffic and a 130 percent increase in revenue after implementing AdMob.

When partnering with AdMob, you have access to their free ad generation tool that assists in driving more installs and cross promotion of apps. Ads are placed strategically using your platform data, ensuring a higher in-app purchase rate.

More AdMob details:

  • Available for iOS, Android, Cocos, and Unity
  • Ad formats include banner ads, interstitial, video, and native
  • Their target marketing efforts extend to mobile platforms, operating systems, connection, carrier, country, state, region, type of device, and user profiles
  • Marketing campaigns include CPI, CPC, and CPM
  • They serve the global marketplace


Unity is one of the top app monetization services for mobile game developers. Its primary mission is to help mobile game publishers and developers increase profits via in-app ads and purchases.

With Unity ads, you can increase user engagement while partnering with an app monetization service that boasts the highest Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). They deliver in-app ad results much higher than the three percent average.

banner ad services

“Unity ads is our go to ad network for driving high quality volume at scale,” Alessandra Sales, Director of Marketing at Smule said. “They consistently deliver the best results of all our ad networks time after time.”

More Unity details:

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Ad formats include banner ads, interstitial, and video
  • Their target marketing efforts extend to type of device, operating system, country, and connection
  • Marketing campaigns include CPI and CPM
  • They serve the US market


If you want to drive high quality users to your app via banner ads, than you have to test out AppLovin. This San Francisco based marketing and analytics company examines all your ad results and delivers ads based on users most likely to make a purchase.

banner ad services

The AppLovin mission is certainly quality over quantity to increase customer lifetime value.

“Sure we can drive installs for $1, but that will only get you crappy audiences,” Simon Spaull, Managing Director, EMEA at AppLovin told Mobile Marketing Magazine. “If you’re prepared to pay $5 or $10, you’ll be bidding for higher-quality inventory and, ultimately, you’ll attract a better customer and make more money in the long run.”

More AppLovin details:

  • Available for iOS, Android, and Amazon
  • Ad formats include customized banner ads, interstitial, video, and native ads
  • Their target marketing efforts are also customized based on high quality user interaction
  • Marketing campaigns include CPC and CPA
  • They serve the US market


InMobi is another best banner ad service with a mobile user reach of more than 1.5 billion with over 20,000 global advertisers. A few of their in-app ad solutions include ad campaign remarketing, increasing user base, and boosting user engagement.

banner ad services

“We have tried many different ad networks within our games and InMobi was one of the best performing ones,” Jonas Abromaitis, CEO of Tiny Lab Production said in an InMobi testimonial. “Their account managers are helping us all the time and optimizing the campaigns for even better results. InMobi keeps high eCPM even after the $20 program and their banners are performing great as well.”

More InMobi details:

  • Available for iOS, Android, and Mobile Web
  • Ad formats include customized banner ads, interstitial, rich media, video, and native ads
  • Their target marketing efforts include country, carrier, operating system, time of use, type of device, and network operator
  • Marketing campaigns include CPC and CPI
  • They serve marketplaces in the US, Europe, Japan, India, South Africa, Kenya, and the UK

These are simply a few of the best banner ad services available to app publishers and developers. It is important you find the app monetization service that fits your specific needs. This means taking a few different services out for a test drive.

Test Multiple App Monetization Services with Enhance

Implementing different types of third party app services was once time consuming and stressful, but not anymore. By partnering with Enhance, a mobile SDK implementation and updating service, you can install as many app services as you want. All in just minutes.

From monetization to analytics programs, you can choose a third party app service, drag and drop, click to update, and you can begin maximizing your app user experience faster to net more revenue.

banner ad services

Enhance also supports a variety of other services, such as Google Analytics, Firebase, Flurry, and ChartBoost to name a few. The implementation process makes testing services easy, and you can update services and uninstall them with just one click.

Make the most of your monetization strategy by testing and finding the perfect service for your app. The possibilities are endless, which services will you choose?

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