A Comprehensive Guide to Promoting Your New Mobile App

Promoting Your New Mobile App

Did you know that there are more than 6.5 million apps available in the top five app stores? Google Play and the Apple App Store have five million of those apps, according to Statista.

Promoting Your New Mobile App

Having a user acquisition strategy will help your app stand out among the millions of apps in your industry and niche.

“While it seems unfair, the fact is a great product isn’t enough to succeed in the app marketplace,” Gideon Kimbrell explained in Forbes. “It’s important to strike a healthy balance between development and marketing to ensure sustainability.”

From App Store Optimization (ASO) to Social Media Marketing, there are a number of ways you can maximize your mobile app marketing strategy. Let’s take a deeper look into promoting your new mobile app.

Develop a Website for Your Mobile App

This one is obvious, but you may be surprised how many mobile apps on the market do not have a website. It is also important to note that having a mobile responsive website is vital. The integration between the responsive version of your site and the link to download your app in the various app stores should be seamless.

App publishers and developers need to give their products more online visibility to increase installs. A website is the very foundation of that visibility.   Once you have your website, use standard SEO practices to drive traffic from Google and Bing to your website, then directing them to your app install page.

Consider a content marketing strategy that includes creating content around your target keywords and placing relevant content on other websites via blogger outreach.  This is a powerful way to generate awareness of your app, especially when your app doesn’t have obvious, bottom of the funnel keywords.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

You have probably heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but what about App Store Optimization (ASO)? This is by far the most important optimization strategy you can employ on-page in app stores.

In fact, 40 percent of people browse app stores for their next installs.

Promoting Your New Mobile App

An ASO strategy will ensure discoverability among the millions of apps on the market. Among the many ASO strategies, your title, description, and keywords are among the most important.

Keyword Optimization

Most app stores don’t give you much room to plug in your most valuable keywords. For instance, you only have 100 characters for iOS. Put your top keywords with high monthly search volume first. You can also save some space by using commas instead of spaces to separate keywords.

When selecting keywords, you can use standard SEO best practices.  Use a tool like Ahrefs Keywords Explorer to identify keywords that have high volume and low competition.  These will be your keyword gold; keywords that low keyword difficulty.

Promoting Your New Mobile App


Your app title is a powerful ASO feature. To make the most of your title, ensure it has a few of your top keywords with your branding as well. Photo Editor Movavi is a great example of an optimized app store title.

Promoting Your New Mobile App


There are a lot of similarities between ASO and SEO, and one of them is description of products and services. You want to have your keywords in your first 100 words, above the fold. You also want to be in-depth and concise as possible when it comes to your app description.

Sky Guide app builds confidence and trust with an informative and engaging description . . .

Promoting Your New Mobile App

Other ASO tactics to employ include an eye-catching app icon, actionable screenshots, and having a lot of positive rating and reviews.

Leverage Social Media to Promote Your New Mobile App

App publishers and developers should make their mobile app marketing social. It is probably the fastest and easiest way to promote and increase your user base. Social media is a mobile ready audience, and targeting those in your niche via social media organic and paid posts is a no brainer.

“Social media helps you reach a much wider, sharply targeted audience, who are bound to be interested in what you have to offer to them,” according to Lifewire. “Not only that, social media also helps bring you more potential customers, thanks to your current ones recommending your app to friends on their respective social networks.”

Organic Social Media Promotion

Promoting your mobile app organically is simple, and it begins with creating social accounts. You should have a social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It is also important to link your social with your app website as well.

The key to promoting on social media is to not promote at all. This sounds counterintuitive, but spam posts will lead to no installs. Connect with your target audience in a meaningful way by posting conversation builders.

The Sims social presence serves as a great example . . .

Promoting Your New Mobile App

The Sims’ Twitter feed is all about engagement, and engagement is exactly what you want when it comes to social media marketing.  Higher engagement and social proof leads to higher organic visibility, allowing your social media presence to grow naturally.

Paid Social Media Promotion

When it comes to social media app promotion, paid ads still have value, a lot of value. In fact, a 2016 report by Kenshoo found that app installs increased by 196 percent with Cost Per Click (CPC) decreasing by 33 percent.

Here’s an example social media ad by Yousician . . .

Promoting Your New Mobile App

Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for mobile app ads. You can segment your ad efforts. According to the aforementioned study, Instagram accounted for 20 percent of all ad clicks for mobile apps.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to promote products and services, including apps. If an influencer in your niche recommends your app to his already faithful following, you can be sure to expect a big return on your investment.

In fact, influencer marketing is said to have a $6.50 ROI for every dollar spent on the campaign, according to a Tomoson study.

Promoting Your New Mobile App

“Influencer marketing was rated as the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, beating organic search, paid search and email marketing,” the Tomoson study stated.

Why is influencer marketing such a success for businesses and brands? People trust their family and friends the most when it comes to product and service recommendations, and influencers are seen as just as trustworthy, if not more.

When it comes to how people find new apps, 52 percent rely on friends, family, and colleagues. Influencers fall right into this space.

Promoting Your New Mobile App

Influencer marketing could possibly be your most valuable off-page user acquisition tactic. But how do you find influencers to promote your new mobile app?

There are a few ways to get your influencer marketing campaign moving in the right direction. There are a few online platforms that connect brands with influencers in a variety of industries.

From FameBit to TapInfluence, each influencer platform has different services and price structures. It is best to choose the one that will be the right fit for your app.

Track App Installs with In-App Analytic Services

With a handful of ways to promote your new mobile app, it is important to track progress. One of the easiest ways to track installs and examine how your new users are interacting with your app is to implement mobile analytics into your app.

From Google Analytics to Flurry, there are a number of analytic services available. In fact, the process of implementing mobile services is easier than ever before with Enhance.

App publishers and developers can have a number of third-party services installed within minutes using a seamless mobile SDK implementation and update tool.

Promoting Your New Mobile App

With analytics monitoring and compiling key data about your new app user base, you can adjust your marketing efforts to ensure optimal ROI.

There are also a number of ad services you can implement in your app, like AdMob, to increase revenue after launch. Our SDK integration tool allows you to install as many third-party services into your app as you want. It takes less than minutes from start to finish, and updates to those services are just as fast, accurate, and easy.

Take advantage of these powerful marketing strategies and make promoting your new mobile app easy. You put a lot of hard work and long hours into developing an app people will love. Next step is to get it in front of as many users as possible!

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