Why Implementing Unity Will Change Your Mobile Game Forever

unity sdk

Developing your mobile game with Unity is a game changer when it comes to user experience and monetization. This cross platform engine enhances nearly every aspect of the development process. And with Unity app monetization, the benefits continue after launch.

In fact, many industry leading mobile game development companies rely on Unity to build and monetize their gaming apps. Next Games, SEGA, Halfbrick, Rovio, Futureplay, and Jelly Button are all Unity clients.

From development to ad monetization boasting the highest Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of any video ad network, let’s take a closer look at what Unity can do for your gaming app.

Unity’s Game Build Capabilities

Unity allows developers to create game prototypes that are available to the entire build team via the Unity Cloud Build platform. The Cloud Build platform was released in 2015, and has increased efficiency and reduced time-to-market for developers.

unity sdk

This gives app developers the ability to brainstorm, implement focus groups for a prototype, and ensure quality assurance without wasting time.

Unity assisted Jelly Button in their greatest development success, Pirate Kings, a gaming app with over 50 million downloads. The cross platform engine saved the developers time and also allowed porting of the app across multiple operating systems.

unity sdk

Optimize and Deploy Across All Operating Systems

For gaming app publishers and developers that want to reach users across all platforms, Unity is the best choice. Using the top programming languages (C# and JavaScript), developers can write universal scripts.

You simply build your app once and then deploy on more than 25 operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, desktops, and even virtual reality (VR) mobile platforms.

unity sdk

Maximize Gaming App Monetization with Unity

Unity monetization is a top choice among app publishers and developers to build their user base and keep it engaged to increase revenue. Using ads and in-app purchases, Unity has become a leader in monetization for mobile gaming companies.

Ads and in-app purchases combined with real time analytics allow you to monitor player activity to further optimize your gaming app’s performance. This, in turn, boosts your user lifetime value (LTV).

unity sdk

Unity Ads

Unity serves up banner ads, interstitials, video interstitials, and rewarded video ads. Rewarded video ads especially, offer exceptional pay off for app publishers and developers.

In fact, data from a Unity study that included input from more than 2,000 developers found that rewarded video ads were top performers.

According to 80 Level, a few of the study’s highlights include . . .

  • 62 percent of mobile gamers will interact with a video ad for an in-game reward.
  • 52 percent of developers said that video ads offered the highest revenue per user than any other ad.
  • 62 percent of developers who integrated rewarded video ads into their gaming app saw a boost in retention

    unity sdk

You may think that video ads during mobile game play would be an unwelcome distraction to mobile gamers, but 46 percent prefer rewarded video ads to any other ad type.

unity sdk

Futureplay, a mobile gaming development company, found value in Unity’s app monetization ads. For their mobile game Farm Away, they wanted an ad campaign that wasn’t intrusive to users.

unity sdk

According to a Unity case study, Farm Away saw results. The game sees a daily ad conversion of 80 percent with 22 ads viewed per install. It nets also Futureplay an average of $0.15 profit per US player, per day.

unity sdk

Implement Unity into Your Mobile Gaming App in Minutes

With Enhance’s service integration platform, developers can implement Unity, or other third party services into their gaming app in minutes.

Enhance takes the legwork out of implementing services. What can be a lengthy, tedious effort is now attainable in a few clicks. Using the drag and drop platform, you can choose any mobile services and easily implement them.

unity sdk

Enhance lets you test services without wasting time on countless mobile SDKs and hours of coding. In fact, Enhance takes care of everything from creating unique service directories to installing code. You can test out app services and uninstall them as fast as they were implemented.

Enhance also makes updating third-party app services easier than ever before. Simply receive alerts on the updates available, click a button, and your app is updated in minutes.

If you’re spending countless hours bringing your mobile gaming app to life, while preparing your monetization and analytics, Enhance is for you. Are you ready to optimize and monetize with Unity and Enhance?

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