How to Use Video Ads to Boost your Mobile App Revenue

mobile app revenue

Video ads are a powerful way to monetize your app. Video ads offer one of the highest conversion rates of all ad formats with engagement ratios sure to entice any app publisher or developer.

According to Myk Pono, Head of Marketing at Aptrinsic, the eCPM of video ads for the global market is $3.08, and video ads in the United States net an eCPM of $6.27 on average.

This would suggest that video ads are the top performers in the U.S. when compared to Interstitials with an average eCPM of $5.14, and banner ads with an eCPM of $1.01 on average.

If you have a natural, non-intrusive way to integrate video ads into your app, they are perfect for increasing profit.  A recent survey by AdColony found that ads account for 55 percent of all app revenue.

mobile app revenue

And video ads accounted for 31 percent of that ad revenue:

mobile app revenue

However, not all video ads are created equal. Some provide more engagement and user experience than others. For instance, rewarded video ads are rated much higher for user experience than interstitial video ads, according to the AdColony survey.

In fact, 87 percent of surveyed app publishers said that rewarded video ads provided the ultimate user experience.

mobile app revenue

Knowing which is best for your app is, however, more than just stats and data. You want to find the perfect video ad that fits your unique app. Let’s take a look at both interstitial video ads and rewarded videos to see how they stack up.

Interstitial Videos vs. Rewarded Video Ads

Interstitial Video Ads

Interstitial video ads are the run of the mill video ads. They are often called interstitial videos since they occupy the entire screen, just as a non-video interstitial would. The best feature of an interstitial video ad is its versatility.

Did you know that 80 percent of app users could recall a video ad over a 30-day period? Video ad consumption also increased by 200% in 2016.

mobile app revenue

Interstitial video ads . . .

  • Offer excellent visual effects, but can be more difficult to integrate depending on the device.
  • Average interstitial video length is between 15 and 30 seconds.
  • Interstitial video ads offer a better user experience than in-feed or preroll videos.
  • Always add an exit button for users to go back to your app’ previously displayed screen.
  • Attract engagement by using compelling video visuals to entice action.

Rewarded Video Ads

Rewarded video ads are similar to interstitial videos, only they offer a reward for users if they choose to watch the video. This carrot at the end of the video ads stick is leading the way in app monetization and user experience.

In fact, 75 percent of app publishers agree that rewarded video ads are the best or mostly positive when it comes to monetizing their app.

mobile app revenue

If you want to monetize your gaming app, rewarded video ads are the best choice. According to a survey by Unity, “Almost two-thirds stated that they always or sometimes choose to engage with a video ad for an in-game reward, given the chance.”

The survey found that 46 percent of mobile app gamers prefer rewarded video ads to all other app monetization formats.

mobile app revenue

Rewarded video ads . . .

  • Have the highest eCPM rate of all video ads.
  • This format is also non-intrusive since users can decide whether or not to watch the video to receive the reward.
  • They should be on average 15 to 30 seconds in length like interstitial videos.
  • Rewarded video ads offer the best user experience among all video ads.

Find the Right Monetization Service for Your App

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving a few first. The same applies to monetizing your app. You want to choose a monetization service that best suites your app, audience, and the operating systems your app is compatible with.

It was once tedious to implement a third-party service into your app. Injecting code into directories manually used to be a time consuming process. Not anymore. With Enhance, you can implement as many monetization services in your app as you want, quickly and easily.

mobile app revenue

Simply choose the third party service you would like to test drive and you will be monetizing your app in minutes. If you don’t like the way the service works, Enhance can take it out just as easily as it put it in. This way you can figure out which combination of services works best for your app.

The most important aspect of any mobile app monetization strategy is that your video ads offer the best user experience for your specific app. You want to offer an engaging experience in a non-intrusive way, and monetizing with video ads may be the way to go.

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