Why Installing Fyber Opens New Advertising Opportunities

Fyber sdk

If you’re looking to explore new advertising opportunities for your app, Fyber may be the perfect fit. This Berlin-based mobile ad company is an industry leader when it comes to mobile ads, with a swath of app advertisers, developers, ad networks, and DSPs.

Fyber offers a programmatic monetization solution for video and mobile ads. They have over 7,500 partnerships with app developers like Next Games, Wooga, and LINE.

“Fyber’s platform is designed to maximize revenues and simplify ad network integration, so that publishers can reduce operational overhead involved in integrating and managing these services and focus more time on their monetization strategies,” a Fyber press release said.

Utilizing the advertising opportunities Fyber offers, app publishers and developers can maximize their monetization efforts via rewarded videos, interstitials, offer wall ads, and banner ads.

Fyber sdk

Rewarded Video Ads

It is no secret that rewarded video ads are generating big profits for app publishers and developers. In fact, they provide the best user experience across all mobile ad formats, according to a survey by AdColony.

Fyber sdk

Fyber provides rewarded video ads that are non-intrusive with a focus on user experience. They provide rewards that encourage engagement and boost in-app purchases among daily active users.

Fyber sdk

Fyber Interstitials

Fyber Interstitial ads provide a seamless way to drive up revenue from users. They offer both rewarded and unrewarded full screen interstitials or a combination of the two.

Fyber sdk

Offer Wall Ads

Offer wall ads are a great way to give your users the choice to engage with the ads they find most compelling. With this ad format, you can display the most relevant offers and even reward your users if they engage as well.

Fyber sdk


By using Fyber banner ads, you are giving your users the best, most universal format among all mobile ad services. You can easily integrate banner ads into your app, access ad exchanges, and even implement banner mediated ads.

Fyber sdk

You can even increase your revenue via Fyber Exchange, a unique monetization solution that has built-in integration.

Fyber Exchange

Monetizing your app with Fyber allows you to net more profit using their programmatic and managed campaigns. Your users will be exposed to ads from global brands that are sure to convert.

Integrated Programmatic Sales

Utilizing the OpenRTB Fyber Exchange you can better target your ads. It is also compatible with HTML5, VPAID 2.0, and VAST. This integrated programmatic platform links your app with thousands of potential advertisers, connecting you with the highest bidder.

Fyber sdk

Complete Campaign Control

One of the best features of Fyber for app publishers and developers is the ability to control their ad campaigns in a user friendly way. You can launch user acquisition campaigns to drive installs, as well as an Advertiser Control Panel with Cost per Install (CPI), Cost per Engagement (CPE), and video ad campaigns. You will also have access to real time analytics to help you maximize campaign performance.

Find the Perfect Monetization Service for Your App

There are hundreds of mobile monetization services, and the only way to find the one perfect for your app is to test a few out. From Fyber to AdMob, each service serves up different features and capabilities. That is where Enhance comes in.

Enhance mobile SDK management allows you to implement a variety of third party app services in minutes, instead of hours. You simply choose your services, and your app will be delivering high quality ads to your users in no time at all.

This is not limited to advertising opportunities either. You can implement analytics services and crash reporting services into your app easily, and updating or uninstalling a service after testing it out couldn’t be easier with Enhance.

If you’re ready to try out the mobile advertising opportunities Fyber has to offer, integrate it with Enhance, and you’ll be making money in no time.

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