A Developer’s Guide To In-App Advertising (SDKs)

Monetization is the lifeblood of your app, and in-app advertising is the best way to serve up ads to your user base in an engaging, non-intrusive way. From rewarded video ads to offer walls, the in-app advertising SDKs you use make a definite impact on your app’s financial performance. But what makes this monetization strategy so important?

Why In-App Advertising SDKs?

According to BI Intelligence, app ad profits are expected to hit $7 billion in 2020. Implementing in-app ad SDKs allows you to get a slice of the billions in the very near future.

Not convinced? The statistics don’t lie:

  • The click through rate (CTR) for in-app ads is 0.58 percent, twice as much as mobile web ads.
  • 65 percent of apps display advertising, the highest monetization method with in-app purchase behind at 50 percent.
  • 32.5 percent of apps rely solely on advertising to generate revenue.
  • 32.5 percent of apps run in-app ads and purchases simultaneously.

App Developers Can Partner with Leading Advertisers

Developers who leverage in-app advertising SDKs partner with leading advertisers who bring familiarity and trust, so users are comfortable engaging.

Third-party monetization services like Vungle, InMobi, Unity Ads, and Google Mobile Ads all have advertisers with fresh ad content that you can deliver to your users. Intuitive delivery methods such as rewarded video ads and native ads keep your users engaged, so they’re more likely to interact with the ad.

Integrating App Ad SDKs Only Takes Minutes

What if you could test in-app advertising in minutes? It doesn’t take hours or days to prepare an advertising test like it used to. Today, integrating SDKs into your app is easier than ever before. With Enhance, you can drag-and-drop third-party advertising services into your app in a matter of minutes, no code needed. If you want to switch from one SDK to another, simply uninstall your current SDK, and integrate another.

Check out more reasons why developers need to implement in-app advertising for big returns in 2018 with this handy infographic:


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