13 Ways to Increase App Downloads

Did you know that there are more than 6.5 million apps available for download on the leading app stores? That’s a lot of competition for app publishers and developers.

If you want to increase app downloads, you’re going to need to keep yourself ahead of the pack. The following 13 ways to extend your downloads after launch can be implemented with ease.

From App Store Optimization (ASO) to increasing overall marketing efforts for your app, these download driving tactics are absolutely necessary to beat the competition.

1. Find High Volume Keywords

Optimizing your app is just like optimizing your website, since everything begins with keywords. You want to find keywords with high monthly volume and relatively low competition or difficulty. Moz, SEMrush, and Google Keyword Planner are all essential tools for quality keyword research.

2. Keyword Rich App Title

Once you have your keywords ready, it is time to place them strategically. The first stop is your app title. You want to ensure your title contains your top two or three keywords along with your branding. Space is limited. The Apple app store allows 30 characters while Google Play gives you 50 characters to work with.

3. Create a Robust Description

Increase app downloads by paying very close attention to the description section of your app store of choice. This is a very important element of ASO, and will play a big role in your installs. You want to have a full description of your app using your keywords. You want to have your top keywords in the above the fold content as well.

increase app downloads

4. Increase Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are absolutely essential to increasing your app downloads. They are like votes and recommendations from those who have used your app, and others will review these votes and recommendations before clicking download. Get the word out and begin compiling those ratings and reviews any way you can.

5. Actionable App Graphics

There is just no way around it; people are more visual than ever before. To increase app downloads, you will need to serve up actionable app graphics to your target audience via the app store. Don’t simply snap a few screenshots and call it a day. You should be adding compelling text and gripping graphics to drive downloads.

6. App Localization

Apps have no boundaries, making localization of your application necessary. If your innovative idea is useful across all global markets and audiences, you can localize it to create buzz internationally. There are a number of localization services for apps and software you can use to make your app a global success.

7. Develop a Website

Having a website for your app will boost your online visibility. You don’t get a whole lot of space in app stores to promote your amazing features. A website serves as another marketing channel to increase app downloads by offering more information to your potential users. You can make more use of those keywords you compiled as well.

8. Showcase Your App on Review Sites

Review sites are a great way to get your app in front of more potential users. In fact, most people install apps based on recommendations they find online. A simple Google search will uncover a number of app review sites you can reach out to.

increase app downloads

9. Get Social

These days, social media is absolutely vital to the success of any product or service. App publishers and developers who get social will find an increase in app downloads. You can easily create profiles on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to post news about your app. Consider experimenting with paid posts to boost social visibility.

10. Launch a Press Release

This traditional marketing tactic still has some value when it comes to new product or service launches. This is especially true if your app is tailored to business and tech. Sites like PRNewswire, and their iReach solutions can extend the reach of your app, and even post a picture of it in New York Times Square.

11. Produce a Video

Video marketing is on the rise, and having a video detailing your app’s features can certainly increase trust and confidence to download. Having a video in your marketing and PR toolkit can also be beneficial for when you reach out to those app review sites. This tactic works with your social media, as you can create a YouTube channel for your app as well.

12. Employ Influencers to Promote Your App

Influencer marketing has the best ROI in the business. According to AdWeek, influencer marketing has a return of $6.50 for every dollar spent. When it comes to apps, there is no shortage of influencers ready to share them with their faithful followers. Platforms like FameBit and TapInfluence can easily connect you with an influencer in your industry and niche.

13. Use Cross-Promotions

Another great way to increase app downloads is to have ads for your app appear in other apps. This is done via monetization services you can implement into your apps. Enhance mobile SDK solutions makes implementing these services quick and easy. You can have a monetization, analytics, or crash-reporting service installed on your app in minutes.

If you are ready to increase app downloads and net more users, the 13 tactics above are a good place to start. The more users you have, the more in-app purchases you can accumulate over time, and this is great for your customer lifetime value. So are you ready to increase your installs?

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