Implementing Google Analytics for Firebase for Superior User and Event Analysis

firebase sdk

Google Analytics for Firebase is a free analytics solution for app developers and publishers. It allows you to really deep dive into how users interact with your app. There is unlimited reporting via the Firebase SDK, as well as audience segmentation.

Implementing Firebase SDK may just be superior to other user and event app analytic services. It combines many aspects that are important to app publishers and developers, like attribution, engagement, and of course analytics.

firebase sdk

How Does Google Analytics for Firebase Work?

App developers and publishers want the clearest picture of how users interact with their Android or iOS app. This makes Google Analytics for Firebase essential to implement into your in-app third party services.

The Firebase SDK lets you customize events important to your business. It also records and updates you on a number of general user properties. In fact, Google Analytics for Firebase provides app publishers and developers with unlimited reporting on 500 events.

The dashboard provides key insights on active app users, demographics, and even detailed data like the most purchased items in-app.

firebase sdk

You get a very clear picture on user behavior while navigating your app, as well as campaign performance insights for both organic and paid campaigns.

Key Features of Google Analytics for Firebase

If you want to make highly informed decisions about your app’s performance and marketing strategies, Google Analytics for Firebase will ensure you have the information you need to make the right decisions for optimization.

Here are a few features of Google Analytics for Firebase:

Built for User and Event Based Reporting

You are probably very familiar with Google Analytics for your business website. The traditional desktop analytics tool is based on sessions and views. However, with Firebase Analytics, the data is geared more for apps.

“That means instead of focusing on pageviews, impressions or sessions, developers can see what users are doing inside the app, how paid advertising campaigns are performing with cross-network attribution and where users are coming from,” Sophie Loras of Search Engine Watch explained.

Google Analytics for Firebase was developed with user and event based analytics at the forefront. You can access Firebase and see how users and events are measuring up to your marketing campaigns.

firebase sdk

Unique Audience Capture

The Audiences section of Google Analytics for Firebase is of particular interest for many app developers and publishers. The segments here are showcased by user actions, and can be very useful for other features within the Firebase platform.

With this unique audience capture, you can segment changes in configuration and push notifications without any extra work. The data is simply waiting for you to use when ready.

Audience analytics are also available in the crash reporting feature as well. This gives you a clearer picture of the devices and locations that often have issues. Like any great analytics platform, you can also utilize this in-app analytics service for remarketing.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Another feature you will find exciting about Google Analytics for Firebase is the integration with Google Tag Manager. Just like the original analytics tags, you can add Firebase tags to your events.

BigQuery is also enabled for Firebase SDK, allowing app developers and publishers to export events just like Analytics 360 provides. You can get a lot of great data from these exports with machine learning available as well.

firebase sdk

Are You Ready to Upgrade to Google Analytics for Firebase?

It may be time to implement Google Analytics for Firebase to maximize your app’s performance, user journey, and customer lifetime value. The ease of use is similar to Google Analytics, allowing a seamless comfortable transition.

If you’re ready to take this analytics powerhouse for an in-app test drive, you can do it in minutes, using Enhance mobile SDK solutions.

Our drag and drop tool via the Enhance platform decreases time and effort for developers. You can also implement other in-app services at the same time, such as AdMob, Flurry, FGL Crash Reporting, and more. From one to 20 services, they are all implemented and ready for use in minutes. So are you ready to Enhance your app?!

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