Using NativeX to Grow and Monetize Your Mobile Game

NativeX SDK

NativeX is a mobile ad service that can help app publishers and developers maximize reach and revenue. Specializing in native ad formats, NativeX seamlessly integrates in-app ads.

Using predictive analytics, this in-app, third party service makes optimizing ad placement both easy and profitable. In fact, NativeX made VentureBeat’s top ten mobile ad networks, coming in at number six above Tapjoy and Vungle.

More than 50 percent of the highest grossing apps available for iOS and Android use NativeX to deliver ads and generate in-app revenue. NativeX advertising partners include Disney, Amazon, CBS, King, Zynga, MiniClip, and more. They have helped app developers and publishers earn more than $100 million.

If your gaming app is lacking the monetization power you hoped for, this service may be a perfect fit. Their native ads are non-intrusive with high engagement.

NativeX SDK

“Native ads become part of the user experience of the game, and therefore it is more important than ever that ads are relevant,” said Dr. James Shanahan, Chief Data Scientist for NativeX. “You need the right blend of art and science.”

NativeX SDK

NativeX Helps Build New App Audiences

NativeX helps developers and publishers build their audiences. An increase of over a billion users is the benefit among NativeX partners. Their integrated partners include Tune, AppsFlyer, Tenjin, Singular, Adjust, and more.

Here are a few key benefits:

  • Better Reach: You get the tools to expand your app’s reach to over 150 million mobile gaming fans. This is available for Android and iOS.
  • Larger Scale. App developers and publishers have access to NativeX media experts with over a billion built in users across more than 100 networks.
  • Higher Quality. No need to worry about the quality of your users with this app service. You can target audiences based on key demographics like age, location, gender, income, and more.

    NativeX SDK

NativeX Helps App Developers and Publishers Increase Profits

When it comes to monetizing your app, you need a third party service that can maximize your chosen ad format without being intrusive to users. This is what makes NativeX enticing for app publishers and developers.

“We know integrating ads into the user experience is more effective for the advertiser, more lucrative for the publisher, and more acceptable to the user,” Andy Johnson, CEO of NativeX, told VentureBeat.

By combining predictive analytics and native advertising, this service has developed a powerful way for your users to seamlessly interact with ads. This is especially important if you have a gaming app.

Monetization solutions include:

  • Predictive analytics. The predictive analytics this app service provides covers a variety of variables useful for you to display the most relevant ads for your users. The predictive nature of the analytics generates optimal formats, placement, and the most opportune time to display the ads.
  • Unified SDK. NativeX provides a unified SDK that allows app developers and publishers to access every ad format in one place. This can be very beneficial when it comes time to introduce new ads in order to increase app revenue.
  • Native ad formats. Native ads are essential to offering in-app advertisements that are seamless and non-intrusive for your users. This service allows ads to be part of the app itself, creating a user experience unlike many other monetization ad services. They provide native feeds ads, native interstitials, app walls, banner ads, and rewarded videos.

Are You Ready for a Native Ad Experience?

Using Enhance mobile SDK solutions, you can have this native ad service up and running in your app in minutes. Our drag and drop feature is easy and quick, leaving much of the development and integration of SDKs a thing of the past.

NativeX SDK

App developers are able to implement as many in-app services as they like as well. Whether it is solely NativeX, or a combination of analytic and reporting services, they are all installed in just a few simple clicks.

Developers know the trials and tribulations of updating these in-app services. Well, those days are over. When your app is compatible with Enhance, you can update all your mobile services as fast as you implemented them.

There are plenty of third party app services you can implement to boost revenue, get detailed crash reporting, and gain analytical insight. NativeX is one of the best monetization services available, especially when it comes to native ad formats that offer a seamless experience for your users. So why not integrate NativeX and start making money from your app today?

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