The Best Crash Reporting Services for Your Mobile App

Your Mobile App

If you want your mobile app to outlast and outperform other apps in your niche, you need to provide a stellar user experience. You need your app to perform at optimal levels, making crash reporting essential to your success.

Did you know that there are more than six million apps available on the top app stores?

Your Mobile App

That’s right, the mobile marketplace is overcrowded. You need to showcase your app for users in order to stand out among the crowd and generate higher revenue.

What do mobile app users want? They want to navigate an app in a seamless way without bugs and glitches.

In fact, over 50 percent of mobile users will experience an issue with an app. According to research by Compuware, 62 percent of mobile users will abandon an app after it freezes, crashes, or displays an error message.

Your Mobile App

This is the number one reason why mobile app users will never use a buggy app again.

Give your users the best possible user experience ever by using one of the following best crash reporting services for mobile apps.

Firebase Crash Reporting

Firebase Crash Reporting is one of the top crash reporting services available to mobile app publishers and developers. It is paired with Google Analytics, so you can be sure your crash reports are detailed and accurate.

Here’s a sneak peak into the dashboard feature from Android Authority . . .

Your Mobile App

This free third party service you can implement into your app via mobile SDK allows you to monitor and identify application errors. It also delivers a compilation of information and data you can use to uncover issues and fix them quickly.


Crashlytics is another top-notch crash reporting service for your mobile app. It is compatible with both iOS and Android with a few highly coveted features many app developers love.

Your Mobile App

Like any other crash reporting service, you get accurate and detailed information to find and fix errors in your app. However, Crashlytics goes one step further by providing the exact code where the error resides.

For developers, this is a workflow saving mobile SDK. It is also free to use, just like Firebase Crash Reporting.


HockeyApp is a crash reporting service from Microsoft. It serves up an open source SDK for quick collection of user crash reports, pushed automatically your way when a mobile app error occurs. This allows developers to quickly add files and metadata.

Your Mobile App

It is a great third party service that is free for up to two applications that takes a lot of developer work out of issues. You can use the analytics with stack traces and group crashes to really narrow down any problems to provide the best user experience.

FGL Crash Reporting

FGL Crash Reporting for mobile apps is one of the best third party services you can have implemented for optimal user experience. It allows you to check accurate error reports in an easy to integrate dashboard app developers and publishers need.

Your Mobile App

With FGL Crash Reporting you get a very detailed look at the crashes your app has accumulated for any specific day, the frequency, time, and a hyper focused cause of the errors.

The FGL Crash Reporting SDK will also automatically transfer errors while you are implementing the service with Enhance, a mobile app SDK solution.

Provide the Best App User Experience

One of the best solutions for app developers and publishers today is a mobile SDK drag and drop solution. If you want to save valuable time when implementing any crash reporting service for your mobile application, Enhance is for you.

With ZeroCode, a mobile SDK solution that requires absolutely “zero code” from developers to implement a third party service into an app. Using the quick drag and drop feature, you simply choose which crash reporting, analytics, or monetization service you want and it is integrated in minutes.

Your Mobile App

By making your app Enhance compatible you will be able to implement any number of mobile app third party services to create a better user experience, to increasing revenue.

You often get one chance to make a lasting impression with your app. Don’t waste that opportunity by offering a sub-par user experience with crashes and error messages. The above crash reporting services are the best, so use them to your advantage.

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