How Receptiv can Enhance Your Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Creating a valuable user experience using in-app video marketing is easy with Receptiv. This third party mobile ad service emphasizes the emotional and “receptive” experience app publishers and developers crave when it comes to monetization.

What sets Receptiv apart from other in-app mobile advertising services? One of their most enticing solutions is the real time ad interaction they deliver to app users. By creating a more personalized video marketing experience, you can increase user engagement and revenue.

After all, video ads have one of the highest potential for profit for app developers and publishers with an average eCPM of three dollars.

Video Marketing

Video ads are also non-intrusive and somewhat common. In fact, 80 percent of mobile app users have watched and remembered a video in the last 30 days.

Video Marketing

Receptiv video marketing ads can take your in-app monetization efforts to the next level. Already integrated with more than 1,300 apps with a 100% scalable experience, they provide native publisher assets, emotional moment targeting, and real time value.

Let’s take a deeper look at how Receptiv can enhance your in-app video marketing strategy.

Receptiv’s Video Marketplace

The very essence of Receptiv’s video marketing revolves around highly visible and measurable brand to human experiences. Their video ads provide users with impactful mobile ad interaction that offers rewarded or unrewarded videos, as well as Skippable or non-skippable videos.

A few key aspects of the Receptiv video marketplace include . . .

  • Mobile in-app HD videos
  • Completely viewable to all devices
  • An app inventory exclusive to the platform
  • A contextual ads container
  • Direct SDK integrations
  • A five percent Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • 90 percent video completion rate

Receptiv Video Marketing Solutions

The video marketplace is a big feature many app developers and publishers look to when choosing to monetize via mobile videos. However, Receptiv solutions are as unparalleled.

You can collaborate with Receptiv’s team of mobile video marketing developers, designers, optimizers, project managers, and other creative assets that net app publishers and brands a 500 percent increase in engagement.

Premium Videos

When choosing a third party mobile service that showcases video ad formats, you want options. For example, if you have a gaming app, you will want customized rewarded video ads. If you’re all about VR, maybe 360-degree video ads are the way to go. With Receptiv, you can have them all.

Video Marketing

Give your users in-app video like . . .

  • 360-degree video ads
  • Vertical video ads
  • Video selectors
  • Rewarded videos
  • Skippable videos

Receptiv Video Plus

Receptiv Video Plus allows you to drive engagement through mobile first integration. The Video Plus ads provide an emotionally charged user experience that makes your users want to take action.

Video Marketing

Video Plus features include . . .

  • Engagement end cards
  • Fullscreen engagement
  • Customized, rich media
  • Haptics
  • Rewarded Videos

Customized Engagements for Your Users

Another solution Receptiv serves up for app publishers and developers is a non-invasive delivery method for their mobile video ad formats. Whether they are rewarded videos or not, each experience is customized to the user in an inviting way.

Video Marketing

Enhance Your App with Receptiv Video Marketing

If you are ready to enhance your app with Receptiv mobile video marketing, you will need to implement the service into your app. How can you accomplish this in the easiest and fastest way possible? By using Enhance mobile SDK solutions.

Enhance partnered apps can implement and update any app service, such as monetization, analytics, crash reporting, and more in just minutes.

Video Marketing

A time saver for developers, you simply drag and drop the third party application you want to implement and voilà. Make the most of your monetization with Receptiv and take it for a test drive today. What other app services do you need?

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