What Mobile Ad Services Deliver Reward Videos to Increase User Engagement?

Rewarded video ads have a lot to offer to app developers and publishers. These incentivized video ads are increasing user engagement and boosting in-app profits. It is no surprise that mobile ad services with rewarded video ad formats are skyrocketing in terms of implementation numbers.

In fact, 75 percent of app publishers and developers agree that rewarded video ads offer the best monetization.  

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What About User Experience?

According research by AdColony, 87 percent of app developers and publishers found that among all monetization ad formats, rewarded video ads serve up the best user experience by a landslide.

Image 3If you want to provide the best possible user experience with the most monetization benefits, rewarded video ads are a number-one pick.

What About App Users?

Unity, a third party in-app monetization and analytics service found that 46 percent of mobile gamers prefer rewarded videos over any other ad format.

6 copyConvinced to make rewarded video ads part of your monetization strategy? The following are the top mobile ad services that offer rewarded video ad formats.


AdColony is one of the biggest mobile ad services available to app developers and publishers. They boast a worldwide user reach of more than 1.4 billion, and have partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and brands.


In fact, AdColony is one of the top-earning mobile ad networks in the world. Compatible with iOS and Android, AdColony runs HD videos that can be targeted to your app’s demographic, mainly in the US marketplace.


AdMob is a mobile app monetization service brought to you by Google since the 2009 acquisition. This monetization service is possibly the largest and most profitable worldwide for advertisers, app publishers and developers.


Available for multiple mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Unity, and Cocos, AdMob provides mobile ad formats like rewarded video ads that are tailored to your target audience based on likelihood of clickthrough.


Vungle is another top-rated mobile ad service offering rewarded video ads to help app publishers and developers maximize their monetization efforts. Available for mobile platforms like iOS and Android, this mobile ad service has custom target marketing features with a marketplace in the US and UK.


One of Vungle’s partners, Zimad, a mobile gaming company saw a 29-times increase in rewarded video ad revenue on iOS. Other partners include SEGA, Ubisoft, and EA Sports.


Unity is a mobile ad service for gaming app publishers and developers, and they offer other mobile solutions, too. Since mobile gamers look forward to rewarded videos, it only makes sense that Unity would be a top choice for your gaming app.44

The integrated IAP from Unity allows you to optimize all your rewarded video ads via user interaction analytics. Their ads boast one of the highest eCPMs for mobile games, and a high global fill rate as well, increasing in-app profits.

Test Drive These Mobile Ad Services Today

Get the most out of your app monetization efforts by implementing the top mobile ad services providing the top ad format. Rewarded video ads can be up and running on your app in a matter of minutes.

How is this even possible?

By using Enhance mobile SDK solutions, you can easily implement any number of third-party services in minutes. The easy drag and drop ZeroCode solution is perfect for test driving monetization, analytics, and crash reporting services.


Enhance mobile SDK solutions also makes updating your third-party app services easy as well. In fact, Enhance can complete updates as fast as initial service implementation.

Don’t settle for just one mobile ad service when you can reach multiple markets at once. You may be missing out on increased revenue and a user experience that drives even more engagement. What mobile ad services do you use for your app?

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