Mobile A/B Split Testing Made Easy with the Mixpanel SDK


Mobile A/B testing can help you test and examine app changes without using time-consuming code. This type of testing involves simultaneously running two different versions of an app (or its landing page) and gathering data about the performance of each variant.

With Mixpanel, app developers and publishers can make A/B testing even easier.

Measure the impact of app changes, such as in-app purchases, new signups, app downloads, and other valuable metrics. It can even be as simple as testing new app icons or descriptions, or as complex as testing entire landing pages.

“A/B testing enables you to test your mobile app just like a science project. It helps you test two or more app pages and determine which performs better,” Apptentive explains. “A/B testing allows you to backup your guesswork with the hard data of testing. And, it shows you the results and the ROI of the marketing strategy that you have developed.”

Mixpanel Offers Actionable Analytics

Do you want to offer a user experience that complements your app’s profitability? Enter Mixpanel, an analytics solution that is available via mobile and web. Views are great, but Mixpanel goes one step further by examining the actions of your users.

Mixpanel is all about efficiency and effectiveness. Without writing code, app developers can A/B test their mobile applications and identify the top performing elements to drive the most user engagement possible.

A/B Testing Made Easy with Mixpanel Mobile SDK

You’ll first need to implement the Mixpanel SDK into your app. To streamline this process, you can use the Enhance mobile SDK to implement Mixpanel in minutes. There’s no code needed: just like Mixpanel, simply drag and drop and you’re ready to go.

Next, get familiar with the Mixpanel dashboard and UI combined with the A/B test designer.


To make the changes you want, such as defined constants or view flows, you’ll make tweaks in your app. Here, you can adjust variables in the code, all from the Mixpanel dashboard.

Now it’s time to develop variants for your mobile A/B testing.

Develop A/B Test Variants

Let’s say you want to move your app users through more games per interaction. By making changes to the speed of your titles, you can fine-tune the experience and get the desired outcome.

To speed up your titles and push your users through more mobile games, thus facilitating more app visits, you can set up a few A/B testing variations. Using Mixpanel to increase the animation speed, you can define your testing as “normal speed” (what you may have in place), “faster than normal,” and “very fast.”

Once you have these variants defined, you can run your first mobile A/B testing using Mixpanel.


Have a Test Run First

Before going live, go through a test run with variants in place, testing three different speeds within your app. This implies that you are the only one experiencing the three variants in real-time prior to launching it to your users.

This ensures users have a good interaction with the variants in place. Think of your A/B testing “test run” as your control. To do this, filter the test via Mixpanel using your email. This serves as a unique identifier.

Once you click “save and run,” it’s time to test out your variants. Make sure the Mixpanel SDK is pulling the data you need from your test, and that debugging is enabled.


You will see your test data being automatically applied by any current user:


It’s vital to remember that testing your defined variants should be scheduled so that they don’t run indefinitely. Identify an area for changes, test, adjust, then change code as a result of your findings.

Once you feel good about the variants you have in place, and that the A/B testing does not hinder the overall user experience of your app, take it live to uncover the true value of the changes.

Maximize A/B Tests with Mixpanel

Mixpanel SDK can maximize mobile A/B testing for app developers and publishers. You can change and tweak assets in your app to provide the best user experience, thus leading to more installs and in-app purchases.

With Enhance mobile SDK solutions for app publishers and developers, you can implement Mixpanel and other in-app services in minutes. From A/B testing to monetization, take your mobile user experience to the next level. What areas of your app could use a little UI TLC?

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