The Complete Guide to Maxing User Engagement with the Facebook SDK for Android

android facebook sdk

Maxing app user engagement is essential for growth and success. There are more than six million apps available across the major app stores, so competition is stiff. Integrating social engagement features can help your app stand out from the crowd, and a tool like the Android Facebook SDK is crucial.

App developers and publishers once measured installs to gauge growth and success. However, this has changed, with user engagement taking center stage. The newest focus is on the lifetime value of your app, which increases in-app purchases and monetization efforts.

More users than ever are turning to social media to connect with their favorite brands and businesses. In fact, nearly 80 percent of online users are on Facebook. Pairing your mobile app with one of the most-used social media channels, Facebook, only makes sense for success.

Luckily for app developers and publishers, Facebook SDK for Android is the solution to maxing user engagement. Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of using this SDK for your mobile app.

Simplify Your Login Process

Integrating a Login or Sign Up process via Facebook for your app makes it quicker for users to get to the point, spending less time on the actual sign up process – and most importantly, having one less login detail to remember. Almost every app on the market has a Facebook sign up or login option, and your app should as well. Consumers have come to expect this feature, so don’t leave them unsatisfied.

android facebook sdk

The Facebook SDK for Android lets users login using their Facebook accounts. This makes signing in seamless for users.

Even if users don’t have the Facebook app for Android, the SDK allows them to login via Facebook Lite, the mobile web browser version of Facebook.

Implement an Account Kit

Simplify the registration and login process for your mobile app users so that if they don’t have Facebook or choose not to use the integrated login feature, they still have a convenient sign up process. With the Android Facebook SDK’s Account Kit, users can register and login using phone numbers and emails as password credentials.

android facebook sdk

The Account Kit offers easy account management with no passwords for users to remember. How does it work? Users login with their email or phone number, and Account Kit will send a link to the users email to sign in. The SDK also automatically verifies the email address.

Make Your App More Shareable

Making your mobile application more shareable via social media is a vital growth hacking tip. App publishers and developers should already have social channels set up for their app, but using the Facebook SDK for Android, they can take it one step further.

This SDK makes sharing your app via Facebook easy for your users. When they share while interacting with your app, the app posts in their timeline, and appears in friends and followers’ news feeds as well.

android facebook sdk

To integrate the Facebook Sharing SDK, you need to pair it with Maven, or download it into your app as a third party service. Using the Facebook SDK for Android to allow users to share from your app increases your app’s engagement and reach.

Get Your App Users’ Friends Involved with App Invites

Implementing App Invites for your mobile app lets users invite their Facebook friends and followers to install and engage with your app. Having an “Invite” Call to Action (CTA) button in your app is a powerful way to max user engagement.

The user selects “invite,” chooses who they want to share your app with, and can also leave a personalized comment to their friends.

App developers can also make creatives, such as images part of the UI flow for App Invites. For instance, if a user wants to invite a few friends to use your app, each friend will receive a personalized invite with a custom image.

Monetize Your App Using Facebook Ads via Android Facebook SDK

App publishers and developers understand that they cannot rely on download profits alone. This is especially true for free and freemium apps, which take up a huge amount of the marketplace today.

The key is to monetize your app to increase user engagement, and overall revenue of your app. By integrating the Facebook SDK for Android via Audience Network, you can employ a number of Facebook ads to boost profit.

Facebook ad formats include:

  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitials
  • Native Ads
  • In-Stream Video Ads

android facebook sdk

Video ads are more important than ever when it comes to user engagement. Many app users prefer video ads to any type of other ad format, especially if you have a mobile gaming app.

Enable App Events to Understand User Interaction

Understanding how your users interact with your app is valuable when it comes to maxing user engagement. By implementing Facebook SDK for Android, you get access to App Events, which are key analytics you can use to fine-tune your app’s flow and monetization efforts.

You can measure your app’s specific KPIs with 14 predefined app events, like items added to a cart, levels passed in a mobile game, or any customizable event relevant to your app’s user engagement.

Having App Events for your app also means you get access to Facebook Analytics.

android facebook sdk

With these app analytics, you can examine your user demographics more closely. Use this valuable information to map a sales funnel, find issues or crashes, and identify the best places to offer in-app ads.

Are You Ready to Maximize User Engagement with Android Facebook SDK?

The above features and solutions served up via the Android Facebook SDK are only key highlights. There are many more powerful features to take your mobile application to the next level of social engagement.

Getting more social with your app is the path to growth and success. Social media has become a large part of the mobile app marketing landscape, and it is too big and profitable to ignore.

Give users a platform to share their experience, invite friends to join, and provide you with key insights to further tweak and enhance your user experience. How will you increase your app’s social engagement?

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