4 Mobile App Promotion Strategies for Indie Developers

mobile app promotion strategies

The world is more mobile than ever before, and more users are gaming on their smartphones than ever before. According to Statista, the number of mobile gamers in the U.S. will reach 213 million by 2020. Indie mobile game competition is stiff, and you have to put your best foot forward by using the right mobile app promotion strategies.

mobile app promotion strategies

Needing a colossal budget to succeed in the App Store is a myth. Check out these mobile app promotion strategies for indie game growth and success:

1. Set Up a Website for Your Gaming App

Indie mobile game developers and publishers often overlook this step in app promotion. If this is your second or third mobile gaming app, you may already have a website, and all you need is to develop a landing page for your newest indie game. If this is your first rodeo in the gaming app industry, developing an SEO-minded website will help you reach a wider audience.

Your mobile game app website is where your audience can learn more about your game, in-app promotions, updates, and more. Let’s face it, the app stores only give you so much space to promote your game. A website is the perfect way to net more installs.

mobile app promotion strategies

2. Make Your Mobile Gaming App Social

Leveraging social media for app promotion is an easy and cost-effective strategy. Indie game developers and publishers can drive a lot of installs via social channels, and engage with their existing users as well.

The following tips to increase your app’s social awareness and engagement include:

  • Create social media accounts. Facebook and Twitter are the obvious choices, but also do research into your target gaming audience. Find out what social channels they spend the most time on, and leverage those social channels to your advantage.
  • Optimize your social channels. It is important to have a detailed description of your gaming app, links to your website, blog, and app store listing. Serve up a powerful visual experience for your social followers using screenshots, videos, and even fun GIFs of your mobile game in action.
  • Focus on engagement. This is a common misstep for many indie mobile app developers and publishers. You can’t set up your social channels and forget about them. You need to engage with your audience as much as possible, answer questions, and get valuable feedback to make the user experience of your game even better.

3. Have a Trailer for Your Mobile Game

A trailer for your mobile game serves as the centerpiece of your promotion efforts.

Have you ever seen a commercial for a PlayStation or Xbox game? It is normally a high-paced movie trailer. From VR mobile games, to two-dimensional indie platformers, this is what you should emulate for your mobile gaming app.

A few tips to create a compelling indie mobile game trailer include:

  • Keep it short and simple. If you have already launched your app, you can use analytics to learn what levels are the most popular. You can also scroll through user feedback and blog comments to learn the parts of your mobile game users rave the most about. Your mobile game trailer should be under 90 seconds.
  • Don’t forget about budget. You don’t want to spend a lot on your trailer, and you don’t need to. There is plenty of free software you can employ to develop your mobile game trailer. iMovies is a great example. You can also hire a freelancer for cheap on Fiverr or Upwork too.
  • Be sure to include branding. Your mobile game trailer should have your branding in place. This will include your indie game title, your company, and even your social, website, and Play Store URLs.

4. Develop an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Did you know that people trust influencers more than brands or businesses? This is why having an influencer marketing campaign for your indie mobile gaming app is essential.

There are a number of mobile game influencers that will share their experience with your gaming app with their faithful followers. An influencer recommendation will drive more awareness and net you a good amount of installs when done right.

A few influencer marketing tips to integrate into your mobile game promotion are:

  • Find relevant influencers. If you match your mobile gaming app with the wrong influencer, you may not get the ROI you expect from your influencer campaign. Find influencers that have recommended games like yours in the past to ensure success.
  • Look at engagement. Many people think that an influencer follower base is the most important. However, influencers with engagement are far more valuable for your indie mobile game. Micro-influencers with 20,000 followers that are very engaged are far better than an influencer with a million followers with little engagement.
  • Know where to find influencers. There are a number of online platforms you can use to find an influencer for your mobile gaming app. FameBit and TapInfluence are two examples. You can also Google search “gaming app reviews” and find influencers making recommendations via their blogs, websites, or other online publications.

Are You Ready to Step Up Your Indie Mobile Gaming App Promotion?

Marketing indie mobile gaming apps doesn’t need to suck your budget dry. With a little know-how and some extra time, you can make marketing simple and cost-effective. With millions of mobile games available across all the app stores, it is essential to stand out by increasing your app’s online visibility. The right mobile app promotion strategy can make that happen.

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