Boost User Engagement with OneSignal App Notification Services

app notification services

Driving user engagement is more important than ever before as App Store and Play Store competition continues to skyrocket. The focus has shifted from driving the number of daily users, or social media followers, to the total number of engagements. But how do you drive engagement? It’s simple: push notifications get one-time users to re-open the app, and remind faithful daily users to remain active. App notification services are no longer an optional part of app development!

But how do you implement push notifications that actually work the way you need them to? OneSignal aims to redefine and “democratize push communication,” from micro-influencer bloggers, to large global companies. Their stats include:

  • Over 250,000 developers in the OneSignal community
  • More than 100,000 apps
  • 1.2 billion push notifications sent daily

What Are Push Notifications Today?

The vast majority of smartphone users see push notifications every day, making notification services an easy way to get your app into the front of their minds more often. Push notifications offer gentle reminders that your app is still there, inviting your users to re-engage or take advantage of a new update, promotion, or reward.

They’re also useful marketing assets that app publishers and developers can use for growth and success. In fact, users open push notifications 50 percent more often than they open marketing e-mails,

If done in a non-intrusive, spammy way, push notifications can serve as a timely “hello” from an old friend after a user interacts with your app in some way. For example, after a user books a flight using your travel booking app, you can have your app notification service send a push notification reminding them to book a hotel or a rental car at their destination.

app notification services

More Powerful Push Notifications Equal Meaningful User Engagement

Measuring your app’s success by download metrics doesn’t actually tell you anything about how your app is succeeding at the user level. Instead, you want to drive meaningful user engagement so you know your users are invested in your app. This means using metrics such as:

  • Time spent on the app
  • Returning users
  • Types of interaction per session

Push notifications are way to drive each of these metrics because they serve as a targeted call-to-action, personalized to your user’s needs and behavior.

App publishers and developers can also use push notifications in their follow-up strategies. Instead of a follow-up email, send push notifications to users based on previous purchases, or even abandoned cart orders.

Since users are inclined to have their push notifications always on, you have a direct line of communication with your user base, and you can reach your app users 24/7 to target them when they’re most likely to respond by opening the app and taking an action.

app notification services

OneSignal Extends Reach for Apps

OneSignal makes push notification integration easy, user-friendly, and seamless. This tool provides a quick setup process with features that boost user engagement for app growth and success.

Key features include:

  • 15-minute app integration: Easy setup allows app developers and publishers to harness the CTR power of push notifications quickly.
  • Key insight into push notification conversion: Tracking conversion is essential to understanding which strategies work and which don’t.
  • A/B split testing: OneSignal provides seamless A/B split testing so you can test and compare notification by audience.
  • Personalized notifications with optimal delivery: Personalized push notifications help your app stand out to ensure you get the best open rate and conversion.
  • 100 percent free: There’s no cost to start using OneSignal, though they offer premium options if you decide you need more functionality.

Enhance Your App with OneSignal Push Notification Services

Ready to make OneSignal push notifications part of your app marketing strategy? Implementing third-party app services once required countless hours of development time, but now you can get started in just two minutes.

With Enhance mobile SDK solutions, the process is seamless. The Enhance ZeroCode integration process lets you drag-and-drop the app services you need, including OneSignal, and implement them almost instantly.

User engagement makes or breaks your app’s success, so don’t wait to revamp your push notifications with OneSignal. The sooner you can start targeting users with relevant push notifications that they actually want to see, the sooner you can watch your engagement metrics rise. Get started today with the help of Enhance.

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