Leverage Valuable Customer Data with the Survata SDK

survata sdk

With competition around every corner in the App Store and Play Store, getting the most information possible about your consumers is vital to your app’s success and growth. Did you know that 64 percent of your customers are likely to go to your competitors if you don’t personalize offers? Research found that 56 percent of consumers are willing to share data to get better service. Luckily, gathering and leveraging customer data is seamless with the help of the Survata SDK.

There are a few ways of collecting customer information with your app. You can employ quick surveys with a broad reach, or you can employ a third party SDK to automate and go about your customer data collection in an easier fashion.

Survata SDK can streamline your customer information management process, and you can implement Survata SDK into your app in just minutes with the help of Enhance’s unique injection-based implementation system.

survata sdk

Ditch Speed Surveys and Net Quality Respondents

Survata SDK allows app developers and publishers to unlock premium content and serve it to targeted respondents in a timely, non-intrusive way. It also ditches the traditional mailing list for anonymous phone or in-person surveys.

Here are a few ways Survata delivers fast and accurate respondent results:

  • Honest Answers. To weed out bad data, Survata has developed their Online Lie Detector™ to detect when respondents are not answering truthfully.
  • Sample Bias. Having the Survata SDK implemented into your app allows you to get unbiased results. Valuable customer data can only be found in unbiased surveys, so Survata uses “Standard Read” and “Deep Read” packages to keep key demographics balanced. They also identify margins of error for each individual partner.
  • Quick Results. It’s important to get data quickly, so the Survata SDK makes the process quick and seamless for app developers and publishers. You can track data as it filters in, as well as calculate survey turnaround time via a helpful calculator.

survata sdk

Retarget Your Users with Survata SDK

Once you have the valuable customer data you need, you can easily retarget your audience with Survata SDK. Tag respondents based on an online reaction, and serve up another retargeted survey to further your user database.

Survata develops an audience pool based on actions, such as ad view, website visit, or purchase, and tags members of that audience pool so you know they’re qualified for retargeting. Once you have an audience pool, Survata redirects the targeted users to the publisher network, where they take a retargeted survey.

How To Create a Customer Survey

Survata SDK makes it easy for app developers and publishers to create a customer survey. To begin, you first have to define your audience by demographics. Age, gender, and geography are obvious ones, but you can also develop custom demographics that better fit your business.

Next, create your survey using the “self-serve survey creation tool” on the Survata platform. You can speed up the process by importing an existing survey file. Specialists review the survey, and they suggest any relevant changes prior to respondent delivery.

What Sets this Valuable Customer Data Collection Apart?

Survata has a very detailed vetting process for its partners. This means you will be joining the ranks of many Fortune 500 companies when it comes to the customer information management process. You also have access to consumer, B2B, retargeted, and segmented survey specialists.

If you are ready to make Survata part of your customer data collection strategy, Enhance can be the bridge to powerful consumer insights. Enhance recently partnered with Survata to deliver this app service for Android.

Enhance mobile SDK solutions allows app developers and publishers to implement a number of key third party app services in minutes with the drag and drop “ZeroCode” platform.

Make smart decisions for your app by gathering customer information that aids your growth and success. How do you get your customer data?

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