Analyze & Grow App Traffic with the Yandex Analytics SDK

Yandex analytics SDK

Growing app traffic is a never-ending challenge, and the Yandex analytics SDK, AppMetrica, helps app developers to rise to the challenge using key insights. This SDK combines multiple services, decreasing the number of third party analytics services you need to integrate into your app and simplifying the process of figuring out your traffic patterns.

By combing app services like user analytics, crash reporting, ad placement reports, and more, this all-in-one SDK can cut up to 15 percent of spending on singular measurement tools. You can leverage deep linking technology, pull raw data about how your users interact with your app, and create custom in-house reports.

Here’s why you need the Yandex analytics SDK for your app:

Yandex analytics SDK

The Yandex Analytics SDK Offers User-Centric Analytics

By implementing AppMetrica into your app, you get a variety of user-centric analytics to help you provide a better user experience for your users. You can track user engagement, activity, performance, and app stability.

Yandex analytics SDK user-centric analytics can be used to:

  • Segment Behavior: AppMetrica lets app developers and publishers see the specifics of user interaction. You can use this information to group user behavior to offer better user experience, or to implement segmented marketing initiatives. You also get detailed product performance reports.
  • Develop a Cohort Analysis: What are your app’s user retention rates? With AppMetrica, you can view user retention analytics, evaluate your customer lifetime value, and get a retention report.
  • Narrow Down User Location: Location is an important user demographic, especially with the rise of app localization. See where your users live and segment them using that data. This can help you with geo-localizing app marketing efforts or push notifications.
  • Get Real-Time Data: To ensure your app performs at its best and offers the best user experience possible, you need real-time data. AppMetrica serves up reports and APIs in real-time. If you need same-day reports on user trends, you’ve got that information at your fingertips, letting you make changes fluidly.
  • Examine Crash Reports: Crash reports are another valuable analytic app developers need for top performance and optimal app user growth. With the Yandex analytics SDK, you get raw data from API logs to measure error severity and fix the issue quickly.

Yandex analytics SDK

AppMetrica Push Campaigns

Push campaigns are an important element for app growth and success. With push notifications, you have a direct line to your user base. This allows you to deliver timely offers to boost your conversion rate. You can also use AppMetrica push campaigns to help push your users down your buying funnel faster.

AppMetrica push campaign features include:

  • Adaptive Audience Targeting: App developers can use the Yandex analytics SDK to build audience groups via previous user actions and target push campaigns to convert.
  • Smart Push Notifications: Smart push campaigns let you localize your push notifications in your user’s language. With AppMetrica, you can develop, schedule, and deliver your content with a cultural touch. You can also use A/B split testing features to ensure that you’re using the right approach (and make changes if needed).
  • Key Statistics: Your app push campaigns need to be measured, and AppMetrica can do that too. You get key insights on delivery, open rates, and number of conversions for all your push campaigns. You can also use these insights to segment your users further and retarget them for conversions.

Ready to Get Started with Yandex Analytics SDK AppMetrica?

Integrating AppMetrica into your app and getting multiple measurement tools in one SDK doesn’t have to be a difficult process, thanks to the Enhance injection-based implementation process. First, you need to register your app with AppMetrica, and receive your API key.

Next, integrate the SDK into your app. This was once a long tedious task, but there are now online platforms you can use to eliminate the coding process. Enhance mobile SDK solutions can implement any service into your app in two minutes or less, and without the need for time-consuming coding.

The drag and drop “ZeroCode” solution by Enhance has taken the work out of SDK integration for developers. Implementing your app with Enhance also means updates are easier than ever too. You can update your in-app services in minutes after receiving the update notification.

Once you have integrated AppMetrica into your app, check out sample apps to get an idea of what types of analytics solutions work for your app. AppMetrica is integrated with AdColony, Vungle, InMobi, and other well-known networks. Take the Yandex analytics SDK for a test drive and see if it’s a good fit for your application today.

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