The Art of Writing App Release Notes

app release notes

Creating compelling content for your app store page is essential, and it doesn’t stop after the initial app release. In fact, every time you release a new update, you should craft a new set of app release notes to go with it. These notes convince your user to download the update, and if a user-to-be is contemplating whether to download the app, seeing that you update the app regularly can help tip the scales in your favor and snag you more downloads.

Let’s take a look at how you can master the art of writing great app release notes.

Make Your App Release Notes Detailed, Yet Concise

app release notes

The length, detail, and packaging of your app release notes are all essential aspects to consider. From minor changes to a major app section renovation, app release notes should explain what happened, and why.

Hit those main update points, and do it in an engaging way. Right from the start, you should grab your users’ attention with something clever, like this:

app release notes

The length of your app release notes should be as long, or as short, as needed to describe the update and how the update will improve user experience. Don’t write more than needed; your user doesn’t have an endless attention span, but do make sure that you hit all of the main points and discuss what you changed in the update, and why.

Keep it concise by hitting key points, and don’t shy away from bullet points. Like promoting your mobile app for the first time, you want to make your app release notes formatted in an easily digestible way for your users. Short sentences, concise language, lists, and subheadings are all your friends.

Developers, Please Write for Humans

App release notes should be inviting, engaging, and above all, written for humans. App developers often fall into the technical trap when writing, which can lead to very dry and confusing app release notes.

This is an easy fix. Just write your notes in a conversational tone. Think about the user’s side, not the developer’s side. Like the example above, think as if you were explaining your update to a friend or stranger who knows nothing about development or programming.

Here’s a good example of writing in a personable, conversational tone:

app release notes

If you have doubts about your app release notes, or even your app’s app store description and landing page content, you can write it out and hire a copywriter to review it via Fiverr.

app release notes

Gear App Release Notes for Your User Base

Write for your audience. If your app is for financial professionals, be sure to develop content that reflects that key user demographic. The same goes for indie gaming developers. If your audience base is young mobile gaming enthusiasts, keep your app release notes easy to read with a Millennial tone.

Keep your user base part of the conversation. After all, they are the ones that interact with your app the most, making them invaluable to improving overall user experience.

Here’s a good example of keeping users involved:

Let your users know that you heard them, that you fixed the problems they were concerned about, and ask for feedback to help you improve your app even more.

Master the Art of Writing App Release Notes Now

App release notes are a vital part of keeping your existing user base engaged. Keep these notes engaging, sell the update’s benefit, be descriptive, and keep the conversation flowing by encouraging users to connect with feedback and questions. Follow these simple steps and give your user base the experience that they deserve.

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