Step by Step Guide to Integrate Admob Rewarded Ads Into Your App Without Touching Their SDK

If you’re not utilizing rewarded video ads in your mobile app, you’re missing out on some serious revenue. Rewarded video offers developers and publishers the highest eCPMs available, and rightfully so, since the user has chosen to watch the ad voluntarily in exchange for something of value in-app. Advertisers pay top dollar for this level of engagement on their ads. AdMob is a premium player in this space, consistently rewarding publishers with some of the most competitive eCPMs, so it makes sense to have them in your mix.

Thanks to Enhance, you can get AdMob integrated into your app in a matter of minutes! Here’s how.

Getting AdMob Rewarded Ads Into Your App Within Minutes

After to Enhance, you’re taken directly to the Enhance My App page. From here, you’ll select the type of placements you’re interested in. AdMob supports rewarded video ads, interstitial ads and banner ads. Let’s just select rewarded video for now.


On the same page, you’ll select which development platform you created your app in.


Next, you’ll need to download our Drag and Drop library and add it to your project. As the name suggests, it’s an easy process. You don’t need to do anything more with it. This step is necessary in order to to use AdMob ads, because the library allows your app to give more specific instructions to Enhance, such as how your app should handle the reward granted by watching the video ad. After you have done this once, you’ll never have to do it again for any ad network using similar placements!


Now you’ll need to add a couple lines of code to your project where you want the rewarded video ad to be called. It’s usually attached to a button event that the user taps in order to receive something from your app such as more coins, levels, time, etc.


Next, upload your compiled app (.ipa or .apk) that contains the Drag and Drop Library and the couple lines of code. Alternatively, you can test out the entire process by using our sample app instead (it has the Drag and Drop library already installed).


On the following screen, input your app’s properties (Interstitial Ad Unit, Banner Ad Unit and Rewarded Ad Unit as applicable) into their respective fields, as shown below. This info can be found on the AdMob site under your account/app.


Finally, you’ll upload your signing certificate, ensuring that the app belongs to you, then let Enhance do its magic. When the process completes, usually within a couple minutes, you’ll have AdMob rewarded video ads working in your app. It’s that simple! Just download your app from the completion page and upload it to the app store(s).


Enhancing your app doesn’t give away any rights to your app or revenue. We simply provide the service of integrating SDKs quickly. You still control everything. It’s simple and free, and we encourage you to give it a try!

Visit to quickly integrate SDKs in your app.


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