Mobile App Offer Walls Done Right: Engage Customers, Don’t Trap Them

Mobile app offer walls

Mobile app offer walls are the original app monetization blueprint that serves up rewards to users who opt in. Despite the lucrative potential, developers tend to have mixed feelings about offer walls. It’s tricky to find the right balance between monetizing your app and trapping your customers in a cycle of watching ads to get menial amounts of currency. But with the right approach, you can harness the power of offer walls to increase engagement and revenue without alienating your user base.

How Do Offer Walls Work?

Offer walls are an important monetization tool for app publishers and developers. You can leverage offer walls to reward your users with in-app currency, limited-time premium features, and more. All your users need to do is opt in to perform a specific action, like watching a video, taking a survey, or even signing up for a free trial.

Combine Mobile App Offer Walls with Rewarded Videos

Rewarded videos are the preferred ad format among users. The benefits include a non-intrusive design with high retention rates, and most video ads are just 30 to 60 seconds long, representing a minimal time investment that makes it worthwhile for app users to engage. In fact, 80 percent of gamers said they would engage with a video ad to receive a reward. With mobile app offer walls and rewarded videos working together, you can reward your users with soft in-app currency, like bonuses and time-sensitive rewards, as well as small amounts of hard, paid currency.

Boost App User Retention

Keeping users engaged with your app week after week is no easy task. App users burn through content quickly, and if they feel the app engagement level just isn’t there, they could abandon your app for a new shiny one.

Keep your users coming back and increase customer lifetime value by delivering offer wall rewards that are non-intrusive and highly engaging. Offer walls keep the user experience intact, and they  create a monetization perfect storm.

Offer walls beat out other ad types with a click-through rate of 7.14 percent, nearly 2 percent more than interstitials, and almost 7 percent more than banner ads.

Limited-Time Currency Sales

Mobile app offer walls

Urgency sells! Run limited-time offer wall promotions, letting your users know that they can get hard currency if they act now. Promotions that last 12 or 24 hours create a sense of “gotta have it,” especially if you offer added bonuses for the early birds who claim the promotion first.

The effect is tangible and measurable: App developers and publishers who run limited-time offer wall promotions see a 25 to 50 percent ad engagement increase, as well as a 50 to 100 percent eCPM hike on average.

Are you ready to make mobile app offer walls a part of your app monetization strategy? Get started with Enhance SDK mobile app solutions for a seamless integration process. Use Enhance’s dev-friendly tools to drag, drop, and publish your chosen offer wall solution in minutes. Your app deserves success, so act today!

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