Try Enhance Now By Using Our Sample App

If you’re interested in trying out Enhance, but your app just isn’t ready, we now offer a sample app so you can take our service for a test drive immediately.

By far the best way to get the most out of Enhance, is by selecting one (or more) of the more customizable SDKs that we support, such as rewarded video ads, custom tracking or IAP controls. These SDKs will require you to edit the source code of your app, in most cases this will simply be a single line of code, but you’ll also need to import our Drag and Drop library into your project. If you’re still not sure if Enhance will be helpful to you, you may not want to complete those steps to find out. We totally understand, and that’s why we created a sample app, so you can use it to go through the entire Enhance process without any effort!

How to Use Our Sample App to Test Enhance

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’ll be taken to the Enhance My App page, which is step 1 of the Enhance process. Feel free to select the different services you’re interested in.


Once that’s done, you’ll scroll down to select what development platform you used to create your app. Since you’re going to use our sample app, you can select any platform you want.

You’ll then be asked to upload your compiled app, but we’re going to instead select the link labeled “or use a sample app” to continue the process using a fake app in order to get a feel for Enhance.


Once you’ve continued onto the next page, you’ll then be presented with a list of SDKs that you can configure. Click on any of the SDK labels to input your personal ad codes or tracking events. If you use real information here, you’ll be able to actually test live ads and tracking from the SDK providers dashboard(s). If you’re still just interested in the Enhance process itself, continue on using dummy information.


The final step is to input your signing certificate information so that the app stores know this app belongs to you, but since we’re using a sample app, let’s select the “Sign for testing only” option so that Enhance can start working its magic.


If you followed along using real ad codes or tracking events, you can now download and install the sample app onto your device to test live functionality. If you used dummy info, and were simply interested in how this all works, we hope you can see the value in what we’ve created.

During this last step, Enhance will inject all the selected SDKs directly into your compiled app. This isn’t a wrapper. You’re actually getting full SDK code as if you integrated them manually. You can integrate as many services as you want using Enhance, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. The best part is, Enhance is completely free!


If you have any questions about anything we went over in this tutorial, please let us know by commenting below, or sending an email to

Not Sure if Enhance Supports Your Favorite Mobile Service(s)?

We keep an updated list of all the services and SDKs that we support here.

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