Monetize Your App with OfferToro SDK

OfferToro SDK

Did you know that the majority of app revenue comes from in-app monetization, not up-front app purchases? Monetizing your app is essential to your application’s growth and success. But when 75 percent of app users expect free content, how do you harness revenue without alienating your user base? The answer is an all-in-one incentivization suite that targets the right users with the right offers, and rewards them for their time and engagement. The OfferToro SDK hits all of these points, and more.

Here’s how to maximize your app monetization strategy with OfferToro:

What is the OfferToro SDK?

OfferToro offers an easy way for app developers and publishers to monetize their apps via virtual currencies and game monetization. This all-in-one suite includes tools such as incentivized and non-incentivized video ads, interstitials, surveys, and more ad formats. The OfferToro SDK lets developers test out different strategies, broaden their revenue streams and increase the odds of successful monetization.

Powerful Partnerships

Promoting your app and increasing your revenue is easier than ever. With an affiliate manager, you can monetize with incentive-based or non-incentive ads and get timely customer support for both you and your users.

Approved partners include AppsFlyer, MachineZone, Small Worlds, Swagbucks, Listia, and more, giving you a wide selection of offer types to try. OfferToro has over 1,500 publishers, more than 1.5 million monthly active users, and over 5 million conversions netted monthly, so you know that the potential exposure is unparalleled. Having powerful partnerships like these at your fingertips increases your in-app marketing network, allowing you to deliver ads from top affiliates.

How You Can Monetize Your App with OfferToro SDK

OfferToro SDK

Start increasing your customer lifetime value today. The best part about OfferToro SDK is that you don’t need to wait days or weeks to get app approval. Once you integrate the SDK and signup, you can begin running ads instantly.

The OfferWall SDK is the first step, and it utilizes CPE, CPI, CPA, and video ads. The main ad formats include:

  • Non-incentivized native ads. These non-incentivized native ads are tailored recommendations just for your app users. This serves up a non-intrusive user experience with a very high eCPM.
  • Non-incentivized interstitials. Any interstitial is worth having in-app to boost revenue. You can personalize them to key user demographics and also make them interactive.
  • Non-incentivized video ads. Give app users what they want, and what they want is more video ads. In fact, more than half of marketers agree that video ads have the best ROI. Not as good as rewarded video ads, but still non-intrusive and preferred by users.
  • Rewarded video ads. Rewarded video ads are a monetization powerhouse for app developers and publishers. They have the highest ROI and offer a great user experience. It is a win-win since users get in-app revenue, increasing app engagement.

Injection-Based Installation via Enhance

Ready to start monetizing your app and growing your customer lifetime value? It’s easier than ever to get started, so don’t wait. Using Enhance mobile SDK solutions, you can implement the OfferWall SDK into your app in less than two minutes. This simple implementation technique combined with a non-intrusive ad format is a recipe for monetization success!

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