5 Stellar Tool Choices for Mobile App Development

mobile app development

Do you have a new idea for a mobile app, but aren’t sure how to choose the best tools?

Smartphone users are accessing around 30 mobile applications a month; 9 of which they use every day. Becoming one of these trusted apps means fostering a strong relationship with your consumer. If you’re new to the world of mobile app development—it might seem overwhelming, especially if you aren’t tech minded.

This is where mobile app development tools come in! Whether you are just starting out and need something to help you get started with the grunt work, or want to improve on a foundation you already have–there’s a resource out there that can help you. Here are five stellar tools for mobile app development:

1) Unity Ad SDK

Unity Ad SDK appeals specifically to mobile game developers. Their selling point is advertising that doesn’t infringe with the game experience. It does so by focusing on tactics such as rewarded ads, which offers your player something for interacting with the advertisement. A partner such as Unity is also going to ensure the ads you pick will be relevant to your audience, and reward you based on CPM (Cost Per Mile, or one thousand views).

2) Adobe Inspect

This free tool can help you preview how your content looks on multiple devices before going live. You can see real-time edits to HTML, CSS or Java and how it affects the current makeup of your app on each device – all through wireless pairing. It’s simple, but important, to make sure your app looks consistent and great on every version that will be available.

3) Webload

Once you’ve created an application, the work doesn’t end. You have to make sure every user has a positive experience, no matter what operating system or device they are using. Webload helps with this. It allows you to simulate any scenario an iOS or Android user might experience. This way you can stress test and determine just how many users your app can handle at any given time.

mobile app development

4. Enhance

You never have to touch a software development kit with Enhance. Instead of manually entering source code, you can utilize Enhance and it’s simple drag and drop library to add into new services to your existing mobile application. These services you can add include ads, analytics, push notifications, crash reporting, and more; you’ll see a ton of familiar faces in the “Supported SDKs” section. It’s simple to use, and only takes about 2 minutes to implement!

5) FireBase

If you’ve worked with desktop websites before, you are familiar with Google Analytics and the insight it can provide into user choices and behavior. Firebase gives you access to Google Analytics for your mobile app. This includes stats on notification effectiveness, deep-link performance, and in-app purchase data. You can create custom audiences and follow all of this in real-time.

No matter what stage of app development you are in, there are tools out there to help you create the best application possible. With thousands of applications for consumers to choose from, you need something to stand out. Focus on creating a good user experience that addresses a need, and you’ll find people coming back day after day.

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