How to Integrate Unity SDK Ads For Game Monetization

Most mobile applications are free to download. Even back in 2013, 90% of applications were free. Gamers might not blink at dropping 60 bucks for a new console title, or similar prices for a triple A PC game, but they expect something different from a mobile experience.

This might scare you as a developer. How can you possibly recoup costs of thousands if players never drop a dime for our product? Luckily, just as content providers such as Youtube or Crackle have figured out how to create value, game developers have also monetized their free app in other ways. Instead of making money off of game sales, developers profit from either in-app purchases or interstitial ads. This article will instruct you how to insert these ads using the Unity SDK.

Why Unity SDK Ads?

Unity’s ad integrations into mobile gaming is unique because it focuses on high quality video ads and player engagement. Advertisers love it because it offers a quality audience from their target market. And app developers love it because it has the highest Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of any global ad network.

How It Works

Before you get started, it’s important to remember that the majority of apps are free because they have the potential to make more money for their creators. Whereas other apps must rely on heavy marketing to get consumers to pay to download or to pay for in-app purchases, those who use ad networks can make money with no cost to the developer or the user. But utilizing Unity ads, you’ll be paid per thousand views.

Installing Unity Ads: The Hard Way

To integrate ads, you need to go inside the build settings of your mobile application. Choose either I.O.S or Android and enable ads in the services window.


Next, go into Windows/Services and select the correct organization and click CREATE. You should now see an ADs selection, as illustrated below.

You’re now ready to put the actual code into your application. Going to GameProject/UI/Button, you create a Button for your scene and then input the code available here from the quick start guide (which also includes some more screenshots and information!). After that, just hit play and you can test what you’ve done.

You can add into additional code (HandleShowResult) to have rewarded ads such as extra lives, point boosts, or some form of in-game currency. Other tweaks such as exact placement, skip setting, etc., can be done from the back end Unity dashboard. This is also where you can track your statistics and success such as impressions, earnings, and fill rate.

Installing Unity SDK Ads: The Easy Way

If these steps overwhelms you – don’t worry. Enhance will insert the Unity SDK for you – without you having to manually enter the source code! It’s easy drag and drop library will help you set up your ads quickly and easily, so you can focus on the big picture. The best part is that you can integrate other SDKs as well! Whether you want to build out other ad networks, in-app purchases, and more.

It doesn’t matter if almost 98% of players never spend a dime – as long as your advertising is enough to turn a profit. Partnering with Unity Ads is how you get started. This way you can integrate rewarding ads that both enhance the gamer’s experience – while making you money.

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