Effortlessly Integrate Any Mobile Ad Mediation Service Into Your App (Including DIY)

Mobile ad mediation is technology that allows you to leverage multiple ad networks from a centralized location. By dipping into several ad network demand pools, mediation promises significant increases in revenue and fill rate as a result, key factors that a single network isn’t able to accomplish for every single ad impression by itself.

There are two flavors of mobile ad mediation: hands free and hands on. If you don’t care to manage individual networks, and just want to implement a single SDK, the hands free option is for you. Here’s how those services work.

Hands-Free Approach

A mediation platform sends information about the user who’s triggering the ad call to all of the ad networks they support. Each ad network sends back an offer they’re willing to pay for that impression in real time. The best rate is chosen by the platform, and the winning ad network serves the impression with their ad.


Enhance supports the following 3rd party mediation platforms if you’re wanting to utilize the technology described above: Admob Mediation, Appodeal, FlyMob, Fyber, Heyzap Mediation, HyprMediate, Pokkt and Tapdaq. These are all well respected services, and they take the guesswork out of managing ads, which is the obvious advantage.

You’ll be able to integrate, update or remove any of these services within a couple minutes using Enhance. Simply choose which ad mediation platform you want to use, input your ad codes, and you’re set!


Hands-On Approach

If you want more control, better transparency and the potential to really optimize your ad monetization strategy, consider using a more hands on approach.

Enhance allows you to select any number of ad networks, then choose the order in which you want them to be displayed (the waterfall), giving you total control.

A waterfall is simply a way to prioritize the order in which ad networks are called to fill an impression. If Network A can’t fill the current impression, the system is told to move down the list until another network is able to fill it. waterfall

With our waterfall creator, you can set up really simple or very sophisticated ad network waterfalls. Either way, you’ll be mediating ads yourself in no time. Let’s learn how to do it from the Enhance dashboard.

Step 1: Enhancing Your App

Enhance supports self mediation for interstitial and rewarded video ads. Once you’ve reached Step 2 of the Enhance process, you’ll select the type of ad mediation service you want to utilize. Since we plan to mediate ourselves, we’ll leave the default selection ticked – Set Up My Own Mediation.


Next, you’ll select the various ad network SDKs you’re interested in using, input your own ad codes, and continue on through the process until your app has been Enhanced.


Step 2 – Create Your Waterfall

Now that you’ve easily integrated your favorite ad networks, navigate to the My Apps page from the top navigation to get a list of all the apps you’ve enhanced. Now locate the Edit Mediation button next to the app you want to mediate. This will take you to the waterfall creator.


All you need to do now it create your waterfall! Organize networks based on their performance and/or fill rates until you’re satisfied, save your changes, and you’re done!


We’ll cover the advanced features of the waterfall creator in another article, but this should be enough to get you going.

If you don’t know which networks will perform the best in your app from the get-go, we suggest starting them all on a equal playing field, on the same priority tier, with identical weightings. This will allow the networks to compete fairly with the highest quality traffic from your app. After a few days, you’ll start to see which networks belong where.

Congratulations on mediating your own ads!

Enhance is not an ad mediation service. We simply help you get access to ad mediation by providing technology that allows you to quickly integrate ad networks and mediation platforms into your app.

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