Enhance Waterfall Creator Explained: Simple Self-Mediation Tool To Make You More Money

If you chose to mediate ads yourself, the next step immediately following the enhance process should be to configure your waterfall(s). This will allow you to customize the order and frequency specific ad networks are called.

Access it by navigating to the My Apps page from the top navigation. Now locate the Edit Mediation button next to the app you want to mediate. This will take you to the waterfall creator.


Depending on what ad types you integrated, you’ll be presented with a tabbed menu to navigate to the various waterfalls to configure.


After choosing one, you’ll be able to see a list of all the ad networks you integrated during the Enhance process.


The sliders next to each ad network controls a weighting system. Networks with higher weightings will likely be called more often than ones with a lower weighting.

If you’re not sure what each networks weighting should be, try leaving everything at the exact same weighting, in a single tier at first. After a few days or weeks of monitoring each of the networks’ performance, you will start to see where each of them belong.

On the far right side of each network, there are some action buttons. The first button, denoted by a plus (+) sign, will allow you to duplicate a network.


You might not use it in every scenario, but there’s a good reason why you’d want this ability. In the example above, the ad set in the highest priority tier has all networks getting an 11% chance to fill an impression. If another network gets called first for instance, but doesn’t want to fill the impression, it will then move onto the ad set in the 2nd priority. If you really want to make sure Unity receives an opportunity to fill the impression, you can give it that chance by adding another instance of it in the 2nd priority set.

The second and third buttons control the ability to move networks up and down priority tiers. Play around with them to get a feel for how to setup multiple tiers like the example below.


The last button simply disables an ad network from being called altogether. It does not delete that particular network from your app or enhancement. You can easily re-enable a network if you hit this button on purpose or by accident.

It’s useful if you want to immediately shut down any calls to a specific network for whatever reason (users are complaining, inappropriate ads, testing, etc).

Finishing Up

Once you’re finished tweaking your waterfall, click “Save Changes”. Your modifications will take affect instantly in your live, published app.

Please note that the screenshots above are simply examples. Specific networks and waterfall configurations should correspond to your apps traffic. The best way to test which ad networks will perform well in your app is by simply integrating a variety of them and letting them get some of your top traffic.

Good thing Enhance lets you do that in a matter of minutes 🙂

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