How To Implement Several Ad Networks Into Your App in Minutes Using Enhance and Unity

To get started implementing ad networks using Enhance and Unity, log in to your Enhance account and click the Enhance My App button on the top left of the page.

On the first step of the Enhance process, you will select the types of ads your app displays. For this example, let’s assume it’s both interstitial and rewarded video ads.


To implement either of these ad types, you’ll first need to import our Drag and Drop library. As the name suggests, it’s an easy process. You don’t need to do anything more with it. This step is necessary because the library allows your app to give more specific instructions to Enhance, such as how your app should handle the reward granted by watching the video ad. After you have done this once, you’ll never have to do it again for any ad network using similar placements in the future!

Start by selecting the development environment you used to create your app. Since this article is about how to implement ads using Unity, we’ll select that from the available options.


Next, you’ll download the Drag and Drop library, and import it into your project. To do this in Unity, click Assets from the top navigation, hover over Import Package, then select Custom Package. Find the Drag and Drop library that you downloaded, and add it.


Once this is done, you’ll now have access to all of Enhance’s methods. Now all you need to do is trigger an ad call when it’s appropriate in your app by using the following code:

Interstitial ad call (docs)

Rewarded ad call (docs)
Enhance.ShowRewardedAd (Enhance.REWARDED_PLACEMENT_NEUTRAL, OnRewardGranted, OnRewardDeclined, OnRewardUnavailable);

Once you add these codes, you’ll be able to call any amount of ad networks into that placement.

Now that your ad calls are ready, proceed to build your project. Once it’s been compiled into an APK or IPA, you’ll then continue the Enhance process by uploading it to the Enhance website.


On the following page, you’ll select which ad networks and/or mediation platforms you want to call from the placements you created on the previous step. Input your own ad ID’s so the ad calls get attached to your account(s).

Finally, you’ll upload your signing certificate on the next step, ensuring that the app belongs to you, then let Enhance do its magic. When the process completes, you’ll have interstitial and rewarded video ads working in your app.

It’s that simple! Just download your app from the completion page and upload it to the appropriate app store.


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