What’s The Best Ad Network for Mobile Mediation?

best ad networks for mobile mediation

One of the most perplexing problems many app developers face is choosing the best way to advertise. Fortunately, mobile mediation provides a solution for this dilemma. Mobile ad mediation is a way to use multiple ad networks simultaneously in order to dominate your monetization strategy.

Mediation works by ranking multiple ad networks, giving priority to those who want to pay more, and allowing you to ultimately increase your revenue. Keep in mind that some ad networks may work better and produce more revenue than others depending on factors like industry-specific or even geographic location. So, what is the best ad network for mobile mediation? Here is a rundown on top ad networks and best ad software development kits (SDKs) to help you monetize your app today.


By far, LoopMe is regarded as the largest ad network and mobile video DSP platform, offering full screen (interstitial), banner and native video ad formats that create memorable experiences for over 1 billion global consumers. LoopMe is well suited for Android and is trusted by many large service providers including EBay and Amazon. This high-quality monetization platform helps developers target key audiences and is even compatible with other SDK’s, offering a very robust experience for today’s developer.


The AdColony SDK extension is a well-rounded ad network that touts the ability to create engaging ads that support developers as they seek maximized monetization results. This is because AdColony offers an integrated SDK that assists developers in connecting across multiple devices including those that use iOS, Android and Fire iOS. Developers can choose to display many options in innovative and interactive ads that create incredible experiences for end users, creating an upturn in interest and revenue for the company.


Phunware is a full-service mobile ad network that offers solutions that touch the entire mobile app lifecycle. Developers can enhance their apps with SDK integrations that allow for better advertisements and increased visibility to end users all while boosting monetization efforts and promoting their brands through comprehensive mediation features that get results. Phunware works on both iOS and Android, helping developers enhance their apps while maximizing their efforts.


The OpenBack SDK provides a unique offering that aids developers in creating tailored frameworks that send in app notifications to the right customers and at the right time. One of the many benefits of OpenBack is that developers can customize these notices in various ways and based on end user behaviors, even down to the device type they are using. By offering audience-specific ad notifications tailored for specific users, developers can attract more interest, improve effectiveness and realize more revenue on their applications.

best ad networks for mobile mediation


An equally unique platform is the Survata SDK which provides developers with the capability to integrate handy surveys into their Android apps. Survey functionality helps developers get answers to questions from their target their audiences. As an intelligence tool, Survata is changing the ways in which developers expand their reach and enhance their products. Such helpful consumer feedback is the precise data needed to streamline and monetize a developer’s application even further.

Unity Ads

When implementing several ad networks at once, Unity ads is at the top of developers’ lists. Unity is a video advertising network that assists developers, especially those of gaming apps, to place ads in their products and quickly monetize them. This ad network offers flexibility and works well with both iOS and Android. Unity Ads even offers trading of ad space with other developers who share the same audience. In other words, this platform lets developers advertise their games across an entire community and audience of gamers which helps to improve their customer acquisition strategy.

So, it does not matter if you are a commercial agency or an indie developer, inevitably you will need to decide on the best way to advertise your app. But finding the best traffic source is not always an easy or simple endeavor. For app developers who are deciding on which ad network to use to advertise their app, consider any of the astounding aforementioned ad mediation networks to help boost your revenue and achieve the results you desire.

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