How to Monetize On Kid’s Apps Using Kidoz SDK

Many app developers find it difficult to monetize kids apps and for various reasons. Long gone are the days when brands could simply align with the big names in the children’s industry to capture wider audiences. Instead, the market for children’s entertainment requires building out content that will create the ultimate end user experience, capturing the hearts and minds of young app users.

Unfortunately, many developers have found that with traditional ad networks, ads are often irrelevant, disengaging or even inappropriate for children. However, this is where KIDOZ is making a world of difference. Developers can now share child-friendly content that is interesting enough to convert and create solid revenue streams from the app. Here are a few important things you should know about monetizing on kid’s apps using the KIDOZ SDK.

How Kidoz Works

High-quality apps and games that are targeted towards children must be equally interesting when it comes to the ads they feature. This is because children and their interests vary widely—and in short, their behaviors can be quite the opposite of what developers expect, especially when it comes to ads that do not capture their attention. With the KIDOZ SDK plugin, this dilemma can be solved quickly for more reliable revenue generation results.

KIDOZ provides developers with the precise platform needed to deliver precise content that will pique the interests of children, leading to highly successful monetization results. This is achieved by way of the following:

  • Compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
    Developers can have peace of mind knowing their ads are appropriate for their younger audience members.
  • Meets Google’s Designed for Families Program Guidelines
    This benefit instills trust in deciphering parents who want only the best apps for their children’s entertainment.
  • Customizable Content Widgets
    Developers can rely on customizable content widgets that can be branded to meet their unique market positioning needs.
  • Carefully Curated Campaigns
    Each campaign is thoughtfully selected and features top brands that kids will recognize and engage with.

Getting Started

When it comes to monetization solutions, the KIDOZ SDK delivers in a major way. KIDOZ encourages maximum engagement which helps developers maximize their revenue potential. Choose among content discovery panels, banners, full-screen interstitial ads and rewarded videos to monetize your app.

According to recent statistics, gaming apps in the Apple Store, including those for kids, surpass other apps in popularity by 25% which means increased monetization for kids app developers. And although revenue may vary between developers—from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars—the fact remains that your monetization efforts will not be disappointing when it comes to the KIDOZ SDK. Developers will have the ability to deliver kid-friendly content that gets results without turning off kids or their parents.

So, it does not matter if you are publishing a paid app in the Apple Store or a free Android app, you can still monetize your children’s apps through the KIDOZ SDK and with great success. If your goals are to monetize your kid’s apps in a major way, then consider KIDOZ as your go-to app solution.

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