How prepared are you for the new GDPR regulations?


By now you have probably heard about the new GDPR regulations that are going into effect on May 25th, 2018. Enhance has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that we are GDPR compliant. However, we wanted to use our technical know-how to help developers and publishers navigate these new regulations as well. Enhance is exploring technical solutions for our customers to help in being compliant prior to the enforcement date, as companies that are not compliant are at risk of being heavily fined.


In an ongoing effort to support our community of mobile app developers, we’ve been thinking of ways to help our partners ensure that they are also compliant. Enhance would like to see if there are areas where we might be able to offer services to help mitigate these growing concerns. To be clear, we are not currently building anything for this, however we would consider building technology to help our clients through these issues if enough people had similar concerns.


In order to gauge what those concerns are and areas in which we can help, we would appreciate it if you took this short survey so we can determine how to help facilitate your efforts towards being compliant.

Click here for Survey

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