EnhanceMyApp Podcast 02 – User Acquisition Strategies

On April 30, we released the first episode of the podcast! Diving deep into what it takes to build your first mobile game. We are back with a brand new episode! This time focusing on user acquisition strategies, which is a very important area of the business side of mobile development.

We speak with David Hu; Director of User Acquisition & Monetization @ NCSOFT, about how to obtain new users with and without a huge budget, and how to properly analyze that user acquisition data and create a monetization strategy for your mobile app.

Other topics discussed:

  • Soft launching your app to identify your core demographic and audience
  • Starting with limited to no budget
    • ASO (App Store Optimization) for organic user acquisition
    • Outreach to influencers for free app marketing
    • Use your current community to cultivate influencers
  • Testing new channels to find users that monetize in your app
  • Using Facebook, Twitter and Google ads to target specific demographics
  • Analyzing the data from your UA efforts to fine-tune your targeting
  • Test, test, test – always be testing new user acquisition channels against the ones you already use in order to optimize your UA strategy

So if you are building a mobile game, or any mobile app for that matter, this should be a very insightful listen!

You can follow the podcast on any of of your favorite platforms. Which platforms? Glad you asked.  Head over to Enhance.co/podcast and remember to subscribe to the EnhanceMyApp podcast.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can get the latest updates on the show!

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