Partner Spotlight – KIDOZ


The Enhance Partner Spotlight returns this week to highlight KIDOZ, a leading ad network for kid-focused apps.

KIDOZ helps app developers and device makers generate revenue from their work in a COPPA and GDPR-compliant way that respects their values, by using sponsored content recommendations.  KIDOZ is now the world’s fastest-growing content discovery and recommendation platform for kids, reaching over 50 million children worldwide.

The KIDOZ SDK serves as a leading solution for thousands of kid-focused apps to monetize their traffic in the safest user environment for kids.

We sat down with the KIDOZ team and asked them about COPPA, GDPR compliance, app store practices and more.


E: Welcome to the Spotlight! What made you decide to partner with Enhance?

KIDOZ: We were introduced to new developers who were looking for a one-stop solution to monetize their apps in a regulation-safe atmosphere that respected the nature of their users and their gameplay.  Without Enhance, we may not have been able to help these developers otherwise.

The biggest advantage to having KIDOZ on Enhance is our ability to reach many new developers via Enhance, enabling us to deliver more direct campaigns from brands as a result of the increase in impression volumes.

KIDOZ brings together kid-specific brands and app traffic

E: Getting COPPA-compliant can seem intimidating.  What should developers keep in mind when publishing apps for children?

KIDOZ: Developers of kids apps need to follow certain rules and regulations in order to operate their business and be listed in various app stores. They need to remember that there are data collection restrictions, communication restrictions, and a need for parental control. If your apps are participating in Google’s Designed for Families program, make sure to check Google Play’s policy guidelines and practices before publishing your apps and make sure to go over the COPPA checklist that is available on many websites.

When choosing an ad partner, it’s very important to ask them if they are KidSafe/COPPA certified.

“If your apps are COPPA/GDPR compliant, you need to be very careful when choosing your ad partners.”

E: Do you have any advice specifically for developing mobile apps for children?

KIDOZ: Make sure you do your research. Identify what would be the best monetization strategy, and learn what your UA and retention costs are. Many kids-app developers get into the game because of reasons other than financial. That’s great, but make sure you understand that it’s also a business and many app developers in the kid’s space can be competitive.

An example of the KIDOZ user experience

E: We have a few questions for you from the Enhance developer community about mobile development.  A common question we get: “With so many ad networks available, how can I choose which one is right for my app?”

KIDOZ: You need to consider several factors: who is your main audience, what kind of ad units you would like to support, what kind of fill-rate an ad network can provide, what are their demand sources, what is their average eCPM by GEOs, what is your standpoint when it comes to privacy of your users. If your apps are COPPA/GDPR compliant, you need to be very careful when choosing your ad partners. Make sure that they are able to adhere to COPPA/GDPR guidelines on data processing and storage.

E: Another developer asks: “My users like Rewarded Video ads more than Banner ads but they seem harder to implement.  Are they really worth it?”

KIDOZ:  Yes, absolutely. The most popular ad unit at the agency level is Rewarded Video. They consistently produce strong results for brands, which justifies the value for spend or ROI.  That doesn’t mean we advocate choosing one over the other. Banner ads are still used, primarily by CPG brands who are looking for “Set it and forget it” campaigns, ie., buying in bulk, long-term campaigns for the absolute lowest price they can get.  Rewarded video plays well in the digital kids’ space because kids value the exchange they get (free coins, items, levels) for watching a video that, due to the relevancy, would be media they would be interested in consuming.

Learn more about KIDOZ units on their website or HERE

E: Great advice.  Thank you so much for chatting with us today.  Where can people go to learn more about KIDOZ?

KIDOZ: Our website would be a perfect introduction point: If you are attending industry events, the upcoming Casual Connect in London or White Nights in St. Petersburg, you can schedule a meeting with our team members.


I’d like to thank the team at KIDOZ for answering our questions and sharing these stories with us. You can try out the KIDOZ SDK yourself via Enhance. If you have any questions for KIDOZ, follow them on TwitterFacebook or post in the comments below! If you know someone who would be a good candidate for the Community Spotlight, comment below or send us an email at


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